Date: 19/8/2017 13:7
To Load

The Nemesis is fitted with a manual safe which may be applied before or after the pistol is cocked. The safe is disengaged only when the red dot on the left hand top side of the safe is visible. ie. a loaded pistol will discharge if the trigger is pulled. Using the thumb of the hand holding the pistol grip, pull down the barrel catch, and fully open the barrel assembly with the free hand. ith the barrel in the fully open position, insert a pellet into the barrel chamber. Then, avoiding contact with the rearsight close the barrel with the free hand until it engages with the catch, the closing force will increase as the air is compressed in the cylinder assembly. Keep fingers away from the trigger whilst cocking to prevent unintentional discharge.

Do not open the barrel catch of a charged pistol or allow the barrel assembly to spring back uncontrolled against the compressed air pressure during the cocking sequence as damage may result.
If desired, apply the safe, by pushing its left hand side as far as it will go, the red dot will then disappear.
When ready to fire, point the pistol towards the target and take a comfortable stance. IF applied, disengage the safe and squeeze the trigger until the pistol discharges.