Date: 25/7/2017 12:59
Fitting An Optional Pistolscope

A dovetail is provided on the barrel housing to allow a pistolscope or other sighting systems to be fitted . Position the pistolscope on the barrel housing as far as is possible to leave the maximum possible amount of space free for the hand to load the pistol.

Routine Care

1. Do not leave the pistol loaded or cocked when not in use. Leaving it cocked for prolonged periods may affect the life of the valve and piston seals.
2.After use, wipe the metal parts such as screws, barrel (including barrel bore) with oil to prevent corrosion. Use Weboil lubricant.
3.Very occasionally apply three or four drops of Weboil lubricant to:-
a) Barrel and cylinder pivots.
b) Piston rod pivot.
c) Rod of piston assembly,.
d) Air cylinder bore, access is gained through the air feed hold drilled towards the rear of the air cylinder. Apply oil with the barrel assembly fully open.
e) Trigger pivot. Access is gained through the slot in the trigger guard.
f) Sear pivot. Access is gained through the slot in the rear of the trigger guard.
g) Rotary striker pivot. (During major overhaul only as stocksides must be removed for access.)