Date: 18/8/2017 5:38
Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

Installing CO2 Cartridge

  • To remove the magazine, press the release button located on the left side of the grip. Slide the magazine into your hand.

  • Unscrew bottom cover on the magazine with the tool provided by twisting it counterclockwise. (A coin would also work for this process).

  • Insert CO2 cartridge into the magazine

  • Screw the bottom cover back on the magazine by twisting it clockwise with the provided tool or a coin.
  • Note: When pressure starts increasing in the magazine, due to the expansion of the CO2, it can be heard. Do not tighten excessively as it will damage the O-rings.
  • Note: In order to extend the magazine's life, do not leave CO2 gas inside the magazine for a long time.
  • Insert the magazine back into the gun.
  • This air soft gun is equipped with a safety mechanism at the bottom of the grip. Pull this device down to turn the safety on. To take the pistol off safe, push it back up.

Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety