Date: 26/7/2017 15:23
Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

Loading Pellets/Cocking
  • Push down on the probe release catch.
  • Place a pellet in loading port.
  • Push probe forward until the release catch pops up and holds it in position.
  • To cock the rifle, press cocking knob located under the reservoir till you hear a click as the trigger engages. The Techstar has been designed so that it can be cocked easily at the moment you choose to shoot with a minimum of movement that might alert your quarry.
  • Cock the rifle only when you are ready to shoot; you should never walk around with the gun cocked and loaded.
  • Should you require to de-cock your rifle, push the cocking knob in and hold firmly, pull trigger and slowly release knob until it is back in the rest position.

Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety