Date: 13/2/2016 18:43

Adjusting  Loading  Safety


Mechanical system Spring-operated rifle
Caliber .177 (4.5 MM),.22 (5.5 MM)
Total length 110.5 Cm (43 1/2 inches)
Barrel length 48.9 Cm (19 1/4 inches)
Weight 3.52 Kg (7 3/4 lbs)
Muzzle velocity 229 m /Sec (750 FPS) 183 m/Sec (600 FPS)

The Vulcan is a spring-operated, single shot, break action air rifle fitted with a precisionrifled barrel primarily suited to waisted lead pellets.The gun is available in either .177" (4.5 mm) or.22" (5.5 mm) calibre. As with all rifled barrels, darts may be used but some deterioration of the rifling will occur.
The rifle incorporates many design features which include:
1. An adjustable trigger.
2. A manual safe.
3. A micro click adjustable rearsight with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
4. A sleek modern styled stock with cheekpiece, rubber recoil pad with white spacer and a pistol-grip cap with white spacer.
5. A groove for fitting a telescopic sight as an optional extra.