Date: 19/8/2017 11:4
Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety

Cocking and Loading
  • Holding the gun with your left hand, and pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION grasp the bolt handle firmly and rotate counterclockwise and pull toward the rear of the gun. The bolt will remain open when it reaches the full rear position.
  • Insert a .177 cal. (4.5 mm) pellet into the pellet channel with the solid end toward the muzzle and the skirt end toward the stock.
  • Push the bolt handle forward and lock into firing position by rotating clockwise.
  • The rifle is now loaded, cocked, and ready to fire.
  • NOTE: It is quite safe to test fire this rifle without loading a pellet. However, never cock and fire with an empty or removed air cylinder.

Main Operating Loading Firing Adjustments Safety