Product Schematics for Weihrauch HW50S Breakbarrel Rifle

255Weihrauch rear sight eleavation screw
2302Beeman Breech Seal, Fits Beeman R-Series and HW Air Rifles
2510Beeman Pivot Point Spacer, Fits HW80, HW90, Beeman RX-2 & Beeman R1
2513BN Cocking Arm Rivet HW50
2517BN Forearm Screw HW50
2522BN Lock Washer HW50
2529Weihrauch Seal Conversion Adapter, Fits Older HW50 & HW55 Air Rifles
2531BN Mainspring HW50
2532BN Cocking Lever HW50
2542BN Forearm Insert HW50
2543BN Front Sight
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