Date: 27/9/2020 6:51

American Airgunner

American Airgunner
Airguns in action! Join host Rossi Morreale as he takes you on a tour of modern airguns and what they can do. See calibers, guns and gear you never knew existed. Get a close-up look at how airguns work and how they're used. Target shooting, plinking, hunting, pest elimination and more. Click on the links below to see products from each American Airgunner episode.

Episode 01 - Coyote Ugly
Episode 02 - High Octane Javelinasr
Episode 03 - Shoot Right
Episode 04 - Grizzlies, Velocity and Accuracy
Episode 05 - Lock, Stock, & 2 Smokin Barrels
Episode 06 - Vegas Style
Episode 07 - Rossi vs A Grizzly
Episode 08 - The Ungier Games
Episode 09 - DIY Airgunning
Episode 10 - A Hollow Point
Episode 11 - Turkey Takes a Toll
Episode 12 - Silence on the Tee Box
Episode 13 - Airgun Favorites
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