Selecting the Pellet – Episode 43

There is a lot more than just pellet weight that goes into deciding on the best pellet for your gun. Take a listen as Tom goes in depth on pellet shape and composition in determining where a pellet will hit the target.

Shimming a Scope – Episode 42

Barrel droop is a fact of life for many breakbarrels of the past as well as the present. Sit back and let Tom suggests a few ways to compensate for barrel droop and get your scope tilted in the right direction and back on target.

Selecting a Scope – Episode 40

We hope you are ready to get the scoop on scopes. This episode covers everything you could want to know about scope fit and eye relief along with picking the proper magnification for your needs. Don’t forget to stick around until the end to get the breakdown on the different reticle options out there. Crosshair, Duplex and Mil-dot reticles all have their applications. Which is right for you?