Sig Sauer Super Target Part 1

Sig Sauer Super Target Part 1

A Sig P210 influence and a classic single shot pneumatic

By Dennis Adler

For the suggested retail of $399 the new Sig Sauer ASP Super Target comes with an exceptional SIG carry case equal to many centerfire handguns. The Super Target has Sig-inspired styling for the over-lever handle (slide design), its own ambidextrous walnut grip design, and a P210-style beavertail for added hand support.

This is one we have been waiting for since Sig Sauer announced it in January, and it is unusual for Sig to wait so between previewing a new model and getting it into production, but SIG AIR wanted to make this new entry (their first single shot pneumatic pellet pistol) a winner right out of the chute. And yes, this is yet another new category for Sig Sauer’s SIG AIR division to step into. They made a few adjustments to the gun between January’s prototype preview at the annual Shot Show and now. We’ll get more into that in Part 2. But right out of the box, this is a first class act right down to the impressive Sig Sauer case that holds the ASP Super Target.

If the pistol looks a little familiar, it should, because it is being built for Sig Sauer in Italy by Chiappa, the same manufacturer that builds the superb FAS 6004 target pistol. And that is a very good place to start this first review of the new Sig Sauer model.

The FAS 6004 has perfectly ambidextrous contours to the walnut pistol grip which are styled more as a 10-meter pistol’s while the Sig’s grips are more in line with a target pistol. While the design of the 6004 slide handle is tapered to give the pistol the same look as the FAS Domino AS 604, the Super Target is styled more like a Sig Sauer semi-auto.
The Super Target is very close to the FAS 6004 with an overall length of 10.25 inches, 7.5 inch button rifled steel barrel, and FAS-design windage and elevation adjustable rear sight. The look is influenced by the famous Sig P210 (now Sig Sauer P210 Target).
Back in 2011 I tested the Sig Sauer P210 in Combat Handguns magazine and in this photo from the article you can clearly see the P210 influence on the new ASP Super Target.

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ASP Super Target Origins

The name is pure Sig Sauer, based on the exclusive Sig P210 Super Target 9mm model that was only manufactured in 2014. But this airgun is pure Chiappa in its engineering. Chiappa bridges two worlds, in one, the company is best known for manufacturing some of the finest Old West rifles and shotguns, including remarkably authentic reproductions of legendary 19th century Winchester lever action rifles and the famous Model 1887 lever action shotgun. Within the airgun world, Chiappa is known for manufacturing a variety of air pistols, including the FAS 6004. I reviewed this model back in 2018, and I am going to go over that gun before getting into the details of the Sig Sauer Super Target. Why? Because the new Sig Sauer Super Target is based on Chiappa’s FAS model. There are some stark differences and we will get into those in Part 2.

The effort to charge the stainless steel pneumatic air piston is lighter than any other single stroke pneumatic in the Chiappa’s class, which makes loading faster. The same excellent design is used for the Super Target.

The FAS 6004, and thus the Sig Sauer ASP Super Target, is a mid-priced, single shot pneumatic target pistol that falls into the entry-level 10-meter competition pistol classification. Chiappa and FAS have been working together for about a decade, when the Italian armsmaker started manufacturing the precharged pneumatic FAS AR611 Sporter air rifle in 4.5mm and 5.5mm (.177 and .22 caliber) and a 10-meter competition version. Chiappa also builds a Beretta 92-style pellet model with rotary pellet magazine and a twin 12 gr. CO2 power system. But the star of the Chiappa air pistol line is the FAS 6004, built in three variations, with ambidextrous walnut pistol grip (pictured), and right hand or left hand Match walnut competition grips.

Fabbrica Armi Sportive (FAS), a well-established Italian manufacturer of both competition pistols (.22 rimfire) and airguns since the 1970s was founded in Milan, Italy, by Massimo Mencarelli. The company gained fame with precharged pneumatic competition air pistols like the FAS 609 (introduced in 1997), as well as Olympic championship winning .22 rimfire models. The single stroke pneumatic FAS 6004, built by Chiappa, evolved from the FAS 400 and 604 Standard and 604 Match pistols, which were almost entirely hand made by FAS and quite expensive. Chiappa was brought in about five years ago to put the FAS Domino AS 604 design into mass production as the 6004, and tasked with retaining the quality characteristics of the original and more costly FAS model. Chiappa managed to produce a single shot pneumatic with the most features of any model in the entry-level, 10-meter competition class. This is the foundation for the Sig Sauer ASP Super Target.

The sights on the Super Target are identical to those on the FAS 6004 with large adjustment slots and clear indicators for windage and elevation.

The pistol’s construction is almost entirely carbon steel, thus it has significant weight in the hand at 33.5 ounces (for the FAS, 40 ounces for the Sig), with a 7.5 inch barrel that is precision button rifled in the Chiappa manufacturing tradition. The stainless steel pneumatic air piston used in the 6004 and Sig is charged by an over-lever action (what looks like the slide on a semi-auto) which uses a very easy locking and release mechanism on the left side for the FAS. This is one of the differences between the two designs, the Super Target uses a hammer locking system.

One of the most impressive features of the FAS design that translates to the Super Target is the amount of effort required to close the over-lever action and charge the piston; less than other single stroke pneumatics in its class. The FAS 6004 is also the only pistol of this design to have the opening of the air valve located perfectly in line with the barrel, and this means that “barrel time” (the travel time of the pellet in the barrel), is reduced to a minimum, while the yield of air pressure is maximized. The result is 400 fps (maximum factory rated velocity with the 6004).

Another feature of the 6004 you will find on the Super Target is the FAS trigger, which is fully adjustable for position, pivot point, pull weight and break between first and second stages.

Another shared feature is the FAS 6004 factory set two-stage trigger (which is fully adjustable for trigger position, pivot point, pull weight and break between first and second stages), providing shooters with custom adjustments found on more expensive 10-meter pistols. But the most important thing about the FAS 6004 is that all its technology goes into Sig Sauer’s new ASP Super Target model.

The ASP Super Target shares the product launch with a new 7.71 gr. Match Pb pellet from Sig Sauer. (On a slightly different topic, there was some talk that Sig’s Match Ballistic 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters were being discontinued, and they are. After current supplies run out they will no longer be available from Sig Sauer.)

In Part 2 we will get into the details of the Sig and the where it falls into the 10-meter pistol category.

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  1. Now that you mention the Sig P210 I want to comment that this may be Sigs answer to putting out a Sig P210 in CO2 ?????
    The similarities to the FAS 6004 are remarkable….That’s Chiappa making money, eh….

    • Chuck

      Chiappa has earned it by developing a wide range of products over the decades. Building the Super Target to Sig Sauer’s specs though, is actually a little more demanding than the FAS! There are as many differences as similarities because Chiappa is building a Sig, and I’ll explain a lot of that in Part 2.


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