Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 3

Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 3 Part 2 Part 1

Shooting from the hip and aiming with the sights

By Dennis Adler

Aiming the “Ace” with the drop-in front sight puts the shots a little lower on the target so you can really set tight on a six o’clock hold under the bullseye. Of course, for this test using a full-size silhouette target at 21 feet, my aim was dead center on the 10 ring. Trigger pull on the “Ace” is also considerably lighter than the 5-1/2 and 7-1/2 inch Peacemaker models. (And yes, before anyone asks that is a copy of the Charlie Prince jacket worn by Ben Foster in 3:10 to Yuma).

Today we call it instinct combat shooting, or point shooting, a close quarters technique where drawing and presenting the gun is abridged by the need to get off a quick and accurate shot in self defense. It is taught in shooting schools and law enforcement training, and it is one of the skills that that can effectively be practiced with air pistols. I recently completed an article for an upcoming issue of Guns of the Old West using several of the guns pictured in Part 2 of this article and shooting live ammo at 10 feet and 21 feet to hit a full-size silhouette target. With the .44 and .45 caliber cartridge guns I used a modified point shooting technique necessary since two of the guns didn’t even have front sights. Using a cross draw holster similar to the one pictured with the “Ace in the Hole” at 10 feet I was able to hit the upper chest area of the target with all three guns using a technique similar to what is pictured in this article, although I did not fan cock the guns but rather thumb cocked them. This is harder to do with the “Ace in the Hole” due to its fanning hammer design. read more

Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 2

Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 2 Part 1

A Sheriff’s Model by any other name

By Dennis Adler

There are now three options for Colt Peacemakers, the 5-1/2 inch model (center showing the weathered finish John Wayne) 7-1/2 inch nickel (showing the Adams & Adams hand engraved version) and the new “Ace in the Hole” which is a Colt Sheriff’s Model style with a couple of movie-inspired changes. It is shown with the drop-in front sight attached.

The Umarex Colt SAA “Ace in the Hole” is essentially an altered 3-1/2 inch barrel length Sheriff’s Model Peacemaker. The “Ace” is not a Colt licensed or marked Single Action (in the U.S.) but rather part of the Umarex Legends line which includes models like the Broomhandle Mauser Model 712 and Luger P.08 Parabellum. The Legends brand is dedicated to recreating historic guns, and the Colt Peacemaker Sheriff’s Model is nothing if not legendary. The “Ace” is, however, an alternative design based on a movie gun rather than the actual 3-1/2 inch Sheriff’s Model Colt, but is nevertheless a Colt design, and with the exception of the ported barrel, unusual drop in front sight, and rounded fanning hammer, a Colt Sheriff’s Model in appearance. read more

Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 1

Umarex Legends “Ace in the Hole” Part 1 Part 2

No Colt is Expendable!

By Dennis Adler

No Colt is Expendable, but at least one became The Expendables Single Action carried by Sylvester Stallone in the movie franchise, a Sheriff’s Model with a 3-inch Mag-na-ported barrel, no front sight and a custom round fanning hammer. The similarity to the new Umarex Colt “Ace in the Hole” pellet cartridge firing model is not by coincidence. The Umarex has a Sheriff’s Model 3-1/2 inch barrel and the longer Army-style grips compared to the shorter barreled model with Navy-style grips carried by Stallone.

Barney Ross, (Sylvester Stallone), leader of an elite group of, shall we say “seasoned,” mercenaries known as The Expendables have every imaginable weapon at their disposal, but Ross carries a backup gun that leaves most modern pistols in the dust, a modified Colt Peacemaker with a ported barrel and round knob fanning hammer. The customized 3-inch barreled Colt is a piece torn right out of Wild West history yet suitable even in this 21st century series of action adventure films. Why a Colt Peacemaker, “…because nothing is faster” and Stallone proves it in all three Expendables films where the Colt six-shooter plays a pivotal recurring role. read more