Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 3

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 3, Part 2, Part 1, Part 4

Laser shooting test

By Dennis Adler

Lights, laser, action! The Dan Wesson Model 715 with the Walther Night Force tactical light and red laser mounted takes on a far more dramatic look, but can a laser sight make this smoothbore BB pistol any more accurate at 21 feet?

The pellet cartridge loading model of the ASG Dan Wesson Model 715 with 4-inch barrel is hard to upstage, however, the high polish blued (steel grey) BB model seems to be running a close second with accuracy at 21 feet under 1-inch. To improve upon this performance I am fitting a Walther Night Force LED tactical flashlight and red laser combo to the 4-inch model. This is a full-sized light/laser unit that is well suited to the length of the Dan Wesson’s under barrel rail section. Smaller tactical light/laser combinations usually have On/Off paddles that extend in front of the pistol’s triggerguard, and these are better suited for semi-autos with longer rails. The Walther Night Force uses a large, single On/Off switch at the back of the housing and has an integral push-button release Weaver/Picatinny spring-tensioned mount. Although not needed for this test, the Walther’s tactical light has six white LED lights surrounding the central 5mw Class IIIA red laser. These project a fairly wide beam of light downrange that is good for about 15 to 25 yards, depending upon ambient lighting. For my test on the indoor range I only used the red laser which brilliantly painted the bullseye on a Birchwood-Casey Shoot-N-C target at 21 feet. read more

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 2

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 2 Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

Carry and first shooting test

By Dennis Adler

The blued finish on the Dan Wesson Model 715 is so highly polished it reflects everything around it and almost looks like a nickel gun in the studio. The DW comes with one speed loader and six BB loading cartridges.

In terms of modern revolvers, modern meaning the last half century since revolvers date back more than 180 years, the 4-inch barrel length double action is today’s equivalent of the Old West 4-3/4 and 5-1/2 inch barrel length Single Actions. These were the barrel lengths often chosen by lawmen and a considerable number of outlaws because of the ease and swiftness of draw and reasonable accuracy at moderate distances. For longer ranges the 7-1/2 inch barrel was most always preferable, as it was for military (Cavalry) issue in the 19th century. Today, a 4-inch double action revolver is less common in general use than a snub nose (2-1/2 inch barrel length) but is no less desirable for carry and self defense. Until the overwhelming popularity of semiautomatic pistols overtook wheelguns in law enforcement, the 4-inch revolver was a staple of police and law enforcement, most notably the famous.38 Special Colt Police Positive. Later lawmen shifted to the Colt Python, and various S&W revolvers before the resurrection of the 1911 as a preferred carry gun in the latter 20th century, and the development of even more efficient semi-auto designs, beginning in the late 1980s and continuing to the present day. Even still, there is no shortage of 21st century double action revolvers in every imaginable barrel length; even Colt is back in the double action revolver business. read more

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 1

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

A .177 caliber masterpiece

By Dennis Adler

Handsome is rarely used to describe a handgun but the ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch blued BB model certainly comes close with its deep, reflective, polished blue grey steel finish and hand filling Hogue-style hard rubber combat grips.

Not everyone is into shooting 4.5mm lead (or alloy) pellets or trying to gain proficiency shooting at 10 meters, but few will argue, that no matter what kind of CO2-powered BB pistol piques your interest, realism in design is probably the first consideration. If you are looking for a revolver, you need look no further than the new ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch BB cartridge firing Model 715. Of course, that should be the last line of this article rather than the opening, but how I have come to that conclusion is what makes this CO2 model so deserving. read more