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Shadow Blue

By Dennis Adler

Introduced this year, the new ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow is based on the original CZ Shadow model and Shadow II, which was replaced in 2018 by the Shadow 2 Black & Blue version. The design of the CO2 pistol is virtually identical to the SP-01 and as shown uses the rubberized SP-01 grips, and has the larger ambidextrous thumb safeties and slide release of the SP-01 Shadow.

It is rare that I do a follow-up article on a gun that I have recently tested, but the new 2018 ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow left some interesting questions after its initial range test in March; one of which was that the test gun was continually shooting low at 21 feet, and the hold over was around 2 inches. This was not a terrible thing but it was uncharacteristic for the CZ 75 CO2 models. So, this is test gun number two, and the entire range test will be redone in this updated review of the ASG CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow. There is, however, more to this one specific ASG CZ model than initially meets the eye. Not only is it exceptionally authentic to the centerfire Shadow (updated by the Česká zbrojovka Custom Shop for 2018 to the Shadow 2 Black & Blue), but the CO2 model from ASG can be modified with an accessory kit to look more like the original Shadow competition version, Shadow 2 and competition CZ 75 Tactical Sport models. How you may ask can this be done? Look down.

Shadow Blue

Find a Hawke Scope

This is the Shadow 2 competition Black & Blue (updated from the original SP-01 Shadow Blue and Shadow II) alongside the modified ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, fitted with the same alloy grips and an extended magwell, in the same anodized blue finish as the 9x19mm models. I really don’t need to embellish this; the gun with the new grips and magwell says it all.

Double vision…the new 9x19mm 2018 CZ Shadow 2 Black & Blue (left) with blue anodized aluminum grips, and upgraded ASG CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow CO2 model with blue aluminum grips and mag funnel. The mag funnel is based on competition CZ models like the original Shadow, CZ Tactical Sport models, and CZ Czechmate.

You will also see a picture of the early 9x19mm SP-01 Shadow with the blue aluminum grips and blue magwell. The ASG option is identical with the ready to mount aluminum grip panels and mag funnel, which will give you better pistol control for fast target acquisition and follow-up shots. The grips have a textured pattern and slimmer profile than the hard rubber grips that come on the SP-01 Shadow. The standard grips are excellent and stay put in the hand, but the anodized aluminum grips not only add style to this airgun but function as well. The ASG version grips and magwell for the SP-01 Shadow has an MSRP of $80 because it is the same aluminum design and anodized blue finish used on the centerfire models. (Actually designed for the Airsoft Shadow model, you can find them by searching online for ASG Short Grip and Magwell set).

In recent years, the centerfire SP-01 Shadow has taken the competition circuit by storm. Given the model’s popularity, CZUB engineers took the best features of the original Shadow and improved upon them. The 9x19mm Shadow 2 Black & Blue (pictured) has a higher beavertail and undercut triggerguard so the shooter’s hand is able to be as close to the bore axis as possible. The thin blue aluminum grips have healthy checkering to match the fine front- and backstrap checkering of the pistol itself (also duplicated on the CO2 model). Sitting atop the slide are a fiber optic front sight and a serrated, black HAJO rear, click adjustable for elevation, and drift adjustable for windage. One feature the SP-01 Shadow CO2 model lacks.
This is not the new ASG CO2 model with the upgrades, but an actual first model 9x19mm CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Blue. That’s how close to the original the new ASG CZ-licensed SP-01 CO2 model is!
The SP-01 model fits the Level 1 locking Strike Systems Tactical Gear injection molded paddle holster. This is a great training rig and affordably priced. And this time, this is the CO2 model.

Form and function

The mag funnel covers the base of the pistol grip’s magazine well and is easily installed by slipping the channeled inner edge of the magwell over the base of the grips and tightening it into place with two set screws, one in the bottom and one in the left side, that come with the ASG kit. This makes the mag funnel a permanent part of the gun (unless you remove it) and helps speed up reloading by channeling the magazine into the magwell. The flared magwell also provides more surface area for the support hand when using a two-handed hold, and with the Shadow being an ambidextrous design, this works equally well for left-handed shooters.

The aluminum grips and mag funnel add a lot to the looks of the CO2 model, which really is a great looking CO2 pistol just as it comes (at right).

The machined aluminum grips use a hex head aluminum screw to mount in place of the hard rubber SP-01 Shadow grips. Positioned above the mag funnel, they line up with the original grip screw holes and have the same profile. Both the grip screws and set screws use a Chapman No. 5 hex head driver to tighten down.

The ASG grip and mag funnel kit is around $80 and very quick to install on the SP-01 Shadow using the two hex head lock screws for the funnel, which slides over the base of the magazine well, and two hex head aluminum screws to mount the grip panels. They come in blue, orange and red.

Like the setup for the centerfire models, the aluminum short grips (short grips are used with the mag funnel) for the CO2 Shadow are blasted to ensure a uniform surface and are hardened afterwards for increased protection against corrosion, wear and colored through the same anodizing process. Thus, they are a bit pricey (and you will need to buy them online) but if you want to take the ASG model to the next level, this is it. The ASG grips and magwell are also available in the Shadow Orange and Shadow Red color combinations; 18546 Blue, 18547 Red, 18548 Orange.

All dressed up and ready to shoot, in Part 2, I will discuss the differences in handling with the narrower aluminum grips and mag funnel, review the operation and disassembly of the SP-01 Shadow and get ready for the second shooting test for Saturday’s conclusion.

In Part 2 we will examine the ASG CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow’s handling with the new grips and magwell.

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  1. Definitely looking forward to the rest of this weeks articles on this model. Unfortunately, I had received mine yesterday but it looks as if it was damaged in shipping and I have already sent it back today without getting an opportunity to try it.

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