Barra 009 Part 004

Barra 009 Part 004

Semi-auto accuracy at 21 feet

By Dennis Adler

Today we further explore the comparisons between the Umarex Glock 17 Gen4 and Barra 009 by shooting the 009 as a semiautomatic pistol. In part 003 were found that the velocity of the Barra is almost identical with the Gen4, the 009 delivering a littler more velocity on the high end and closer to the 325 fps figures quoted by the manufacturer but only by a few fps. Average velocity between the Gen4 and 009 is the same, 317 fps, and both guns have a modest 2 fps standard deviation for an entire magazine; overall, very comparable guns with the same parts. No corners cut by Barra.

The Springfield Armory XDM 4.5 approximates the size of a Glock 17. To the Barra 009’s benefit, holsters made for the XDM 4.5, including the Swiss Arms injection molded paddle holster fits the 009 providing a practical training holster with a level 1 locking system. The same molded double mag pouch used for the Glock 17 also works with the 009 mags.

Just as in the real world, the advantage to the 009 and the Glock 18 is the capability to use standard and extended capacity magazines as semi-auto pistols, both guns having the same general dimensions as a semi-auto Glock 17. In the case of the 009 the triggerguard precludes using Glock 17 fitted (injection molded and Kydex rigs) and to practice with the 009 you need a holster designed for the Springfield Armory XDM 4.5, which I just happen to have on hand. As previously noted the CO2/BB magazines are exactly the same except for base pads and so either can fit single or dual spare magazine pouches. The 009 draws cleanly from the Galco Combat Master holster used and can be brought into the ready position just as effectively as a Glock from a G17 Combat Master holster. The 009 also fits the injected molded, hard polymer level 1 locking paddle holster made by Swiss Arms for the XDM series CO2 models. That is the holster I am using for today’s semi-auto firing test.

With paddle rigs for both gun and magazines, the 009 (as wood an actual Glock 18) can be carried as efficiently as the 9mm counterparts as a training exercise or just for shooting and quickly reloading the BB pistol on the range.

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The design for the CO2/BB magazine for the Barra is excellent with an easily threaded seating screw (the seating tool comes with the magazines) and the locking follower sits well below the perfectly-sized BB loading port so you can easily pour your rounds into the magazine channel. This magazine design is the same as the Glock Gen4’s except for not having to remove the base pad to access the seating screw, like you do on the Glock mags. If you have the Gen4 and extra magazines and buy the 009 you can use them. Barra will have an extended capacity mag that looks like the 33 round Glock available shortly and that should also work with the Gen4. This just keeps getting better.

One of the easiest to load CO2 BB magazine designs, the 009 uses the same mags as the Glock 17 Gen4 with a locking follower and a large loading port that allows BBs to be carefully poured into the channel. Capacity is 18 rounds.

Today’s test

I shot the test outdoors at 21 feet from the target and used a complete draw from concealment protocol with the magazine having only 10 rounds. I did one reload and shot again on a second target, all shots fired from a Weaver stance using a two-handed hold.

Both paddle rigs conceal comfortably under open shirt of light coat. The level 2 holster provides security and helps reinforce safe carry habits and muscle memory for releasing the lock and drawing in one smooth motion. Note the trigger finger used to release the exterior paddle lock on the draw. This also places the trigger finger in line with the frame when removing the gun from the holster.
As the gun is brought up to the safe position pointing down the support hand comes around to form a two-handed hold, note that the trigger finger still rests against the side of the frame as I continue to raise the gun.
After the two-handed grip is formed the gun is pushed out to the ready position and the trigger finger slips into the triggerguard as the gun is brought on target and ready to fire. The trigger pull is a modest 5 pounds, 6.5 ounces average with a quick reset.

I fired at approximately one second intervals. My best 10-shot group measured 1.25 inches and a best five rounds at 0.59 inches. This stacks up against my best groups with the G17 Gen4 delivering a 10-shot spread of 0.93 inches and a best five 0.5 inches. The 009 comes in a very close second (but in defense of the Barra, I have had a lot more trigger time with the Gen4), still the two guns are really close in handling and accuracy, equals, until I flip the switch.

Targets from two mags at 21 feet each loaded with 10 rounds. The first has 10 rounds at 1.25 inches all closely grouped with two in the red. Best 5-round group measures 0.625 inches.
Second target grouped 10 rounds at 1.5 inches all in the 10 and bull with a best 5-shot group at 0.59 inches all touching end to end.

When I wrap up next week it will be with the selector in the full auto position for the ultimate Glock 18-like CO2 airgun experience.

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  1. First, nice shooting. Barra seems to have made a nice effort in a crowded field. Once the 33 round fun stick is available, they are a serious player. Add this to the antique finish Schofield, with other models coming , they have gone from Walmart blister pak to top shelf display box. This may be a must have replica of the year

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