Temporary Blog Hiatus

Hi Airgun Experience readers – this is Kristen, Marketing Director with Pyramyd Air. Dennis is feeling under the weather and will be taking a break from the blog for a bit. Be sure to check periodically – he will be posting as soon as he is able to. He is in good spirits and looking forward to getting back to blogging! Thank you!

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  1. 2 Feb 2021

    New format for PA website – Where’s the link to the Adler blog?

    PA’s new website design appropriately highlights Tom Gaylord’s B.B. Pelletier blog, but I can’t find a link to Dennis Adler’s equally valuable Airgun Experience blog. The blog entries are still posted on the PA website, but there’s no obvious way to get there from the home page.

    I suggest a minor redesign to give equal prominence to the two blogs.

    Guy Carden

      • Dear Kristen,
        Thanks for the reply.
        New links working correctly.
        I continue to suggest a minor redesign to give equal prominence to the two blogs, similar to the earlier web design. At present the excellent Gaylord blog appropriately takes up a substantial part of your home page, while the equally valuable Adler blog is buried under Menu> Resource Center. No problem for anyone following the blog, but unlikely to be noticed by new readers.
        One way to do it would be to include recent posts from both blogs on the home page — say, two Gaylord posts and two Adler posts, instead of the current 3 Gaylord posts, and replace the current “See all” link to the Gaylord blog with two links “More B.B.Pelletier posts” and “More Aiurgun Experience posts.”

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