Blog Update

Hi Everyone – This is Kristen Coss, Marketing Director with Pyramyd Air. We wanted to let you know that Dennis is retiring from writing the Airgun Experience blog to focus on his health. Pyramyd Air appreciates his airgun and firearms expertise and his contributions to this blog for nearly 5 years, and we wish him well.

Although no new content will be added, we encourage you to explore the many topics Dennis wrote about over the years. There is lots to learn, and lots to keep you entertained!

Build a Custom Airgun

We also invite you to check out our other blog written by Tom Gaylord, the Godfather of Airguns. Much like the Airgun Experience, there are a lot of great topics covered and a very engaged community with lively discussions.

4 thoughts on “Blog Update”

  1. I’d like to thank Dennis for the blog and good conversations in the comments over the last 5 years. Tell him I wish him the best as he retires. He will be missed. Thanks Dennis.

  2. I just saw this update.
    I may be thousands of miles away but my thoughts and hopes for his good health are closing the distance.
    We will miss this communication for certain.
    Best wishes Dennis.

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