Gamo PT-85 Tactical Part 1

Gamo PT-85 Tactical Part 1 Part 2

And now for something Spooky

By Dennis Adler

What could be better for Halloween than a 4.5mm pellet-firing airgun that is nothing short of spooky (as in spies, ghosts and spooks); a tactical model that has every base covered from optics, to light and laser, a full length faux silencer, blowback action, and a double action/single action trigger. It’s the Gamo PT-85, a Beretta PX4 Storm-based design worthy of any 00 or CIA man in the field. It has been around for awhile but is now the last pellet-firing air pistol to offer all of these features in a single package.

This is the kind of gun you see in spy movies carried by individuals who “live in the shadows” a turn of phrase familiar to those who know James Bond films, and this special version of the double action/single action Gamo PT-85 fits the bill perfectly as a versatile, modular pistol for operatives who demand stealth, accuracy, and when need be, a light and laser to illuminate and pinpoint a target. The Gamo PT-85 Tactical Series gives you all the tools of the spy trade in a CO2 powered, blowback action 4.5mm rifled barrel semi-auto. And the Gamo holds a few secrets of its own. For one, this version of the Gamo PT-85 model introduced in 2010, has the capability of being exceptionally accurate because the realistic-looking faux silencer hanging off the end (this is old school trade craft so let’s call a silencer a silencer this time) has a full length extension of the rifled barrel shrouded inside, and thus this PT-85 has an internal barrel length of 12 inches! Combine that with an average velocity of well over 450 fps and at 21 feet this pellet-firing, rifled barrel semi-auto can be optically dialed in to produce sub 1-inch groups. read more