Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 1

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

A .177 caliber masterpiece

By Dennis Adler

Handsome is rarely used to describe a handgun but the ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch blued BB model certainly comes close with its deep, reflective, polished blue grey steel finish and hand filling Hogue-style hard rubber combat grips.

Not everyone is into shooting 4.5mm lead (or alloy) pellets or trying to gain proficiency shooting at 10 meters, but few will argue, that no matter what kind of CO2-powered BB pistol piques your interest, realism in design is probably the first consideration. If you are looking for a revolver, you need look no further than the new ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch BB cartridge firing Model 715. Of course, that should be the last line of this article rather than the opening, but how I have come to that conclusion is what makes this CO2 model so deserving.

About the new 4-inch Model 715

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A year ago at the annual SHOT Show, ASG introduced its new Model 715 Dan Wesson revolvers, a 2-1/2 inch snub nose and a 4-inch duty gun in both .177 caliber BB and 4.5mm pellet versions, the latter with rifled barrels. The immediate rush was for the two nickel plated pellet models, which proved to be the best new CO2 double action revolvers on the market for 2017. But left behind in the rush was the high-polish blued (Steel Grey) BB cartridge models of which the 4-inch has proven to be the most interesting. Like it’s shiny, nickel plated pellet cartridge-firing twin, the blued smoothbore 4-inch has a feature more akin to S&W Performance Center models than a Dan Wesson; an integral under barrel tactical accessory rail.

The gun comes with one speed loader and six front-loading BB cartridges. Extra speed loaders and BB rounds are available along with a 25 round pack of BB cartridges. The speed loader makes short work out of refilling the Dan Wesson’s cylinder.

To find this in a centerfire revolver you have to purchase an S&W Performance Center M&P Model R8, a .357 Magnum, .38 Special +P, 8-round wheelgun with a 5-inch barrel incorporating a short accessory rail suitable for mounting a small tactical light or light/laser combination, and there are many that work ideally with this type of revolver. With a lightweight Scandium alloy frame, stainless steel barrel and cylinder, and black matte finish, the S&W PC R8 is intended for law enforcement and military use, as well as competition shooting. It carries a hefty MSRP of $1,329. The closest you can come in a CO2 model is the matte black Umarex S&W Model 327 TRR8 BB cartridge firing revolver, which is based in part on the R8. The ASG Dan Wesson Model 715 thusly falls into this same unique category of tactical and competition CO2 pistol. Of course, Dan Wesson does not offer a 4-inch barrel with a tactical rail, making the CO2 model unique.

Dan Wesson does not offer blued guns, only stainless steel, and there are no barrels with an integrated accessory rail, so the blued ASG Dan Wesson CO2 BB model has a couple of interesting features that even the centerfire gun can’t match.
In the world of tactical and competition revolvers the S&W Performance Center R8 is the closest cartridge gun to the ASG Dan Wesson CO2 model. The R8 was designed for law enforcement, military and competitive shooting. The Dan Wesson CO2 model makes a very affordable training gun even though it is not an S&W. Umarex makes an S&W model, the 327 TRR8 with a longer barrel than the S&W R8 and an additional integral top mounted optics rail. In Part 3 of this article I’ll be putting the Umarex 327 TRR8 up against the ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch model for overall accuracy and handling.

Priced about $10 less than the pellet cartridge CO2 model with rifled steel barrel, the smoothbore BB version shares all the remaining features and advantages, including an elevation and windage adjustable rear sight, correct crane-mounted Dan Wesson-style cylinder latch, and excellent Hogue-style molded rubber combat grips. The 4-inch also looks like it has interchangeable barrels with the correct design barrel bushing around the muzzle, but alas, it is a fixed barrel. If you want the 2-1/2 inch or 6-inch barrel you have to purchase another gun. (Would have been interesting if ASG could have pulled off the interchangeable barrels!) It uses the same double action/single action trigger, which allows staging the hammer for precisely aimed double action target shooting and both the BB and pellet models have full length vent rib barrel shrouds. Like the other ASG Dan Wesson Model 715 revolvers, the polished blued 4-inch model looks very much like the real deal.

What I like most about this 4-inch barrel (and the pellet version) is the weight and balance; it’s the perfect sized gun for combining compact barrel length without sacrificing too much accuracy from the 6-inch model. The 4-inch barrel length is a fine compromise.

The ASG models have the Dan Wesson look down pat, and have even managed to put the mandatory manual safety in as unobtrusive a place as possible, right behind the hammer with white SAFE and red FIRE indicators on the right side of the grip frame.

Testing this BB version presented me with an opportunity that is seldom found with wheelguns, the capability of adding a tactical light/laser combination under the barrel. I have only been able to do this with the Umarex S&W Model 327 TRR8 and the 4-inch rifled barrel Dan Wesson pellet model. Arguably adding a rail on a 4-inch CO2 revolver is a complication with holsters, but carried in a tactical vest holster, it is a great fit. The DW also fits nicely into the Galco DAO Dual Action Outdoorsman holster. This is a heavy duty belt rig with an adjustable tension screw, an over-size retention strap, and a cant that is suitable for strong side or crossdraw wear.

As mentioned in the article, the ASG Dan Wesson fits in a Galco DAO Dual Action Outdoorsman holster. This heavy duty rig has a wide safety strap that covers the hammer and a large injection molded catch around the snap that makes unlimbering the gun, well, a snap. The tensioning screw also increases or decreases the degree of pistol retention in the holster. The ASG Dan Wesson 4-inch fits even with the under barrel accessory rail.

The ASG matches up nicely with the .357 Magnum Dan Wesson model fitted with the 4-inch barrel. As a training gun it would certainly be an affordable option if one was considering a Dan Wesson as a carry or competition gun. For the pure fun of shooting a realistic looking and handling CO2 revolver, however, the Model 715 with 4-inch barrel brings a whole new level of shooting potential to the table.

In Thursday’s Airgun Experience the ASG Dan Wesson specs out against the .357 Magnum 4-inch model and heads to the range for the first series of tests.

9 thoughts on “Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 1”

  1. Welcome back. The 4 inch 715 is a nicely balanced revolver. I have all three barrel lengths in the pellet version. I was quite surprised that ASG didn’t complete the trio in the blue metal finish ,which is really quite attractive. I am not a fan of rails in general ,and on revolvers. To me they look like an extra zipper on the back of pants. Others like them , so there we are. Will be interesting to se how the bb version shoots. Since the older ones are very accurate, would expect more of the same from the 715. Hopefully more of these type revolver replicas appear. In my opinion, they 715 puts the Python to shame

    • I think the BB version has a lot of potential, more affordable to shoot and just as nice a gun for those who want to keep it simple and shoot round steel. It will also be interesting to see how well it performs with a laser mounted on the rail.

  2. Welcome back Dennis. I was shooting the Dan Wesson 715 2.5 inch pellet revolver over the holidays and really enjoyed it.

    I saw a couple of interesting new airguns came out during the holidays. Umarex has a Fort Smith Bicentennial Peacemaker with a 7.5 inch barrel in a what they describe as a slightly weathered look. It’s another limited addition. I just heard back from Pyramyd Air telling me they haven’t heard about it. Maybe Umarex is keeping it exclusive to Umarex.com.

    The other new airgun is at Pyramyd Air now. It’s the Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action CO2 177 Caliber Air Rifle. The description says this rifle is a BB shooter that uses 10 ejectable BB cartridges that are compatible with the Peacemaker BB cartridges.

    As I recall, there was some discussion here about using ejectable cartridges with the MCX. It appears that someone else was thinking about adding ejectable cartridges as another level of realism.

    Shot Show isn’t even here yet, and already it’s looking like 2018 will be another great year for airguns!

      • I have been pushing for a cartridge firing co2 lever gun . This will herald a new day in co2 longuns. Next should be 73 Winchester ,Mares leg 92, pump action Lightning rifle, Remington Rolling BlockSharps , possibly in larger calibers like 22 and 25, followed by bolt action Military rifles. ,

        • Check out the Umarex video about the new Legends Cowboy Lever Action CO2 177 Caliber Air Rifle. Pyramyd Air has the video link on the rifle description page. The video is only about 46 seconds long, but it shows the lever being swung down and the cartridge being ejected from the breech. The video also shows the cartridges being loaded in the side of the action.

          • They must have just posted the video. Wow . This will do for co2 rifles what the Peacemaker did for co2 revolvers

      • I was just over at Hard Air Magazine’s web site. They have posted an announcement of Springfield Armory licensing Air Venturi to manufacture and distribute airgun replicas of Springfield Armory guns.

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