Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 2

Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 2 Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

Carry and first shooting test

By Dennis Adler

The blued finish on the Dan Wesson Model 715 is so highly polished it reflects everything around it and almost looks like a nickel gun in the studio. The DW comes with one speed loader and six BB loading cartridges.

In terms of modern revolvers, modern meaning the last half century since revolvers date back more than 180 years, the 4-inch barrel length double action is today’s equivalent of the Old West 4-3/4 and 5-1/2 inch barrel length Single Actions. These were the barrel lengths often chosen by lawmen and a considerable number of outlaws because of the ease and swiftness of draw and reasonable accuracy at moderate distances. For longer ranges the 7-1/2 inch barrel was most always preferable, as it was for military (Cavalry) issue in the 19th century. Today, a 4-inch double action revolver is less common in general use than a snub nose (2-1/2 inch barrel length) but is no less desirable for carry and self defense. Until the overwhelming popularity of semiautomatic pistols overtook wheelguns in law enforcement, the 4-inch revolver was a staple of police and law enforcement, most notably the famous.38 Special Colt Police Positive. Later lawmen shifted to the Colt Python, and various S&W revolvers before the resurrection of the 1911 as a preferred carry gun in the latter 20th century, and the development of even more efficient semi-auto designs, beginning in the late 1980s and continuing to the present day. Even still, there is no shortage of 21st century double action revolvers in every imaginable barrel length; even Colt is back in the double action revolver business.

Like most CO2 revolvers the Dan Wesson 715 models have a spring loaded or floating forcing cone which seats right up against the front of the cylinder chamber to make sure little or no CO2 is lost when the hammer drops.

The ASG Dan Wesson

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The 4-inch model, as noted in Part 1 of this article, is an ideally balanced handgun for a variety of shooting regimens including practicing holster carry, loading and reloading, and fine tuning trigger skills firing both double action and single action. The ASG model offers all of the advantages of practicing with a centerfire model at a mere fraction of the cost and in terms of authenticity it has no equal among CO2 models.

The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. It is a good rear sight design that works well with this revolver. 

As shown in the photos, the Dan Wesson holsters well in the Galco DAO Dual Action Outdoorsman holster, as well as in a tactical vest holster. The under barrel rail allows the quick attachment of a laser sight (the same feature that makes the S&W Performance Center R8 desirable with some law enforcement SRTs that choose to have members carry a large caliber revolver), and that will also be a part of evaluating the ASG Dan Wesson Model 715.

The sight radius for the 4-inch barrel is a respectable 6-inches. The wide hammer spur makes it easy to cock the gun with the support hand thumb for single action shooting.

In overall dimensions the 4-inch Model 715 has a length of 9.7 inches, maximum height of 6 inches (base of grips to top of rear sight), a width of 1.25 inches at the cylinder, carry weight of 38 ounces (empty), a 4-inch external barrel length with an internal .177 caliber smoothbore barrel recessed 0.5 inches from the muzzle, for an actual length of 3.5 inches (including the floating forcing cone). In comparison, the Dan Wesson Model 715 with the 4-inch barrel mounted has an overall length of 9.5 inches, height of 5.75 inches, width of 1.5 inches and carry weight (empty) of 47 ounces, making the CO2 model a little lighter in the hand, slightly longer in the grip frame, and almost the same overall length. As air pistols go, it’s a darned close match up.

Open sights, 21 feet

Today’s shooting test will be at 21 feet using Umarex .177 caliber steel BBs and my sighting targets. All shots will be fired double action (staging the hammer), using a Weaver stance and a two-handed hold.

Using the Galco DAO Dual Action Outdoorsman belt rig, I was able to practice a smooth crossdraw with the ASG Dan Wesson. I used the thumb of my off side hand to pop the safety strap release and then lifted it up; though once the snap is released the strap really doesn’t impede drawing the gun. It is a big holster compared to other 4-inch revolver rigs but with the accessory rail under the barrel this is the best option if you want a quality holster for this Dan Wesson CO2 model. This rig is actually made for the big Taurus Model 444 alloy frame .44 Magnum which has a fully shrouded barrel like the Dan Wesson.

Double action trigger pull on the test gun averaged 9 pounds, 6.5 ounces, which is in the ballpark for a double action revolver. Single action trigger pull averaged 5 pounds, 8.0 ounces. Take up fired double action is 0.75 inches, 0.187 inches single action. The trigger is heavy but consistently stages the hammer for double action accuracy. A straight DA trigger pull hangs slightly at the point where the cylinder locks into battery, which is why this one staged the hammer so cleanly from shot to shot. This, however, is not necessarily a good characteristic for the trigger. Single action is heavy at over 5 pounds but there is no creep and the short take up makes for a clean break.  Average velocity with the Umarex steel BBs was 341 fps.

The sights are easy to get on target but the gun tends to aim about ½ inch low at 21 feet with the rear sight dialed all the way down.

Not a tack driver like the rifled barrel pellet model, the smoothbore is not bad delivering two 6-round groups at an average of 0.875 inches. The rear sight was dialed all the way down for elevation and had a one click adjustment left. I was shooting a little low but left the elevation alone to see how it shot out of the box. The 4-inch BB model can deliver sub 1-inch groups at 21 feet.

Groups were a little below my POA but two six round strings averaged 0.875 inches each from 21 feet.

Saturday in the Part 3 conclusion, I will add a laser under the barrel and see if accuracy can be dialed in a little tighter, and then the 4-inch Dan Wesson goes one-on-one with the Umarex S&W 327 TRR8 at 21 feet to see which of the tactical rail revolvers is the most accurate.

2 thoughts on “Dan Wesson Model 715 4-inch BB model Part 2”

  1. can’t ask for much better accuracy in a smoothbore revolver. Would be interesting to see if there is a difference in accuracy and velocity using the rear loading bb shells. That finish would look nice on a Colt Diamondback or Smith and Wesson 19.

  2. The low grouping seems to be a feature of the newer ASG sights. I was reshooting the rifledbarrel 6 inch 715. Tight centered groups but cannot bring up point of impact to center of bull with 7 gr Meisterkugeln. Front sight is too high . May reshoot with heavier7.5- 7.8 gr slugs. Have had better results with fixed sight revolvers , Peacemakers andNagant. Have had better luck with older DanWesson bb revolvers with regulating sightseers

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