M17 Reboot Part 4

M17 Reboot Part 4

Sig Sauer Reflex Sight at 10 yards

By Dennis Adler

This is the practical accuracy range for the M17 ASP fitted with the Sig Sauer M17/M18 Low Profile Reflex Sight. As shown in the earlier installments the sight is easy to mount to the M17 slide and once attached and sighted in the gun becomes a far more accurate pellet pistol. My initial tests (sighting in and targets) were done at 21 feet (7 yards) and now I am going outdoors to do a complete range test from holster draw to shooting a 10-round string at 10 yards (30 feet).  The added 9 feet of distance should not make much difference for the M17 ASP in terms of velocity; the rapid shooting at 1-second intervals will likely have some affect on velocity but not significantly for 10 shots.

The outdoor shoot at 10 yards went well except for fairly steady crosswinds. Even so, and hitting a little off the mark, the M17 ASP and Sig Sauer reflex sight combo put shots close within the A-Zone of an IPSC silhouette target.
Because of the reflex sight the M17 ASP (and any M17) will not fit in most of the holsters that accommodate an M17. However, Yaqui belt or paddle rigs, like this Galco model, will work because the gun does not go into the holster far enough for the reflex sight to interfere. This is a fine open top holster and one that is excellent for concealed carry as well, even though it has the lowest level of retention. There are holsters made for the M17 with the reflex sight by 5.11 Tactical, Mitch Rosen, and Safariland, among others.

Fresh CO2, 59 degrees and a 14 mph crosswind

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Like they say two out of three ain’t bad…but the 14 mph winds didn’t help. I waited for it to calm down a little, but today is windy, more so down on the shooting range which is a wide open area where the wind is usually stronger. Nonetheless, the M17 ASP and Sig Sauer reflex sight performed well.

For today’s outdoor test I used the Galco rig and started with the reflex sight already activated.
The gun quickly clears the Yaqui belt rig.
It took me a moment to acquire the red dot (need more practice for this), but once I had it on target even the crosswind wind couldn’t keep the M17 ASP from getting tight groups downrange, albeit a little off the center from my POA.

My target was an IPSC cardboard silhouette (which bent a little forward in the wind, again not a great help) but with the reflex sight on the second brightness setting I was able to pump my best 10 shots into the target at 1.81 inches with a best 5-rounds at 0.75 inches including one double hit. They were all a little low and right, but still tightly grouped, and again better than I have done in the past at this range with the M17 ASP and open sights.  

The angle of the camera makes it look like I am not aiming at the target but actually my POA is where the arrow is pointing, just above the A in the IPCS target’s A-Zone. My outdoor groups went a little right and just about an inch low but were still well under 2-inches for 10 shots at 10 yards.
The red circle at left is around the A in the A-Zone (my POA) the circle at the right is around the C in the C-Zone and the arrow is pointing to the line dividing the target areas. My 10 shots hit in between, still all in the A-Zone and low and right of center. The crosswind was gusting to 14 mph while I was shooting.

I finished out the second magazine on the indoor range at 10 yards and without the wind and shooting at slower intervals I blew out the center of a 10-meter pistol target with 5 shots, and on the IPSC silhouette I put 10 in the A-Zone at 1.375 inches with a best five 5 shots at 0.625 inches.

I finished the test on the indoor range at 10 yards and the results with the M17 ASP and reflex sight were better than anything I have done with open sights on this gun. All 10 in and close around the A in the A-Zone, and five in the bullseye on the 10 meter air pistol target. The Sig Sauer Low Profile Reflex Sight makes this gun.

Bottom line, if you have an M17 ASP you want, no, you need the Sig Sauer Low Profile Reflex Sight. Your target will thank you.

6 thoughts on “M17 Reboot Part 4”

  1. Denis – This entry is in reference to a blog entry of yours several weeks ago re: the new Barra Schofield. Sorry for being so late for this response but sometimes things just take time!
    After a long wait caused by a mixup/lost in shipping I finally recieved my brand spanking new Barra Schoefield #3 a month late. It wasn’t the aged version that I had originally ordered, just the regular version of the gun. This was OK as I have since decided to start the ageing right from the beguining rather than eventually have to fix someones elses idea of fake ageing.
    First thing, right out of the box I tried the Outers Liquid Blue on the white lettering on the left side and under the barrel. I found the liquid blueing turned the lettering there a nice black that matched the rest of the gun.
    You can still see the printing if you turn the gun to catch the light properly. Just like the M1 Carbine and the Browning M1A1 and a few others! Check out the attached photos.
    I have a pipestem holster arriving next week from Las Cruces NM, similar to the one you are useing with nearly the same tooling. I plan on weathering the Schoefield with Magic Eraser sheets where I can see where rubbing in and out of the holster will happen. Where I can’t see I plan on dusting the gun with talc powder to show me the wear areas.
    Hopefully I will end up with a lightly worn pistol like the weathered Dan Wesson from your blog entry “A Little Distressed” from September 2019. The DW lightly weathered semi auto there has about one of the nicest factory weatherings I’ve seen.
    Will let you know how it goes.

  2. I ordered the reflex sight from Sig Air last weekend rather than wait for Pyramyd Air to get them. The reflex sight was originally supposed to be delivered today, Saturday, 10 Oct 2020, but FedEx has apparently forgotten how to quickly and efficiently deliver packages.

    FedEx got my package at their Londonderry, NH facility on Monday 05 Oct at 5:33PM. My delivery address is in St. Louis, MO. My package left Londonderry, NH Tuesday at 5:09 AM, passed through several stops as it traveled west, passed completely through St. Louis on I-70 and stopped at Bates City, MO on I-70 on the east side of Kansas City, MO on Friday. From there my package traveled even farther west to Olathe, Kansas where it appears to now be sitting. I’m thinking FedEx no longer knows where St. Louis, MO is located.

  3. I just installed the SigAir Reflex Sight on my M17 pellet pistol. I attached two photos showing how well the M17 with and without the reflex sight fits in the UTG Deluxe Holster. As you can see, the M17 with the reflex sight does not fit in the holster nearly as well, but the holster can be used.

    The M17 does not fit my Safariland competition rig which is custom made for 1911 style pistol frames.

    If anyone knows of any other possible holsters for the M17 with the mounted reflex sight, please reply.

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