Replica Air Pistol of the Year Part 4

Replica Air Pistol of the Year Part 4

What it takes to become 2018’s Top Gun

By Dennis Adler

The mettle of their metal, the alloy construction of both the new Sig Sauer WE THE PEOPLE 1911 (left) and ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow makes them a little lighter than their centerfire counterparts, but the accuracy of design, fit and finish (particularly with the unique weathered finish on the Sig Sauer), and authentic short-recoil, locked-breech designs make them two of the most authentic CO2 blowback action models on the market.

This has been an impressive year for new blowback action models and this is where the toughest competition for Replica Air Pistol of the Year emerges with guns like the Sig Sauer WE THE PEOPLE 1911 and ASG’s CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow; air pistols that not only visually correspond to their centerfire counterparts but match handling, operation and ability to be field stripped. These are two examples (but not the only two this year) where manufacturers went the distance to get everything as accurate as possible. Why do this for a CO2 BB pistol? Like the highly regarded Umarex S&W M&P40, the new Shadow SP-01 and Sig Sauer 1911 are more than great air pistols, they are so well matched to their centerfire counterparts that they are perfect training guns that allow total familiarization with the firearm right up to pulling the trigger. And there, all that is lacking is heavy recoil from the velocity of a centerfire cartridge, the high dB rating of a live round vs. the low dB rating of a CO2 pistol, and accuracy beyond the optimal 21 to 25 foot range of a .177 caliber steel BB. Thus the CZ Shadow (and competition-style Shadow Blue) and Sig’s custom 1911 WE THE PEOPLE are the first to square off against each other.

Introduced this year, the ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow is based on the original CZ Shadow model and Shadow II. The design of the CO2 pistol is virtually identical to the SP-01 and as shown (top) uses the rubberized SP-01 grips, and has the larger ambidextrous thumb safeties and slide release of the SP-01 Shadow. The Shadow Blue with added anodized blue aluminum grips and magwell, give the gun an even more impressive look and improved handling.

These two are an interesting juxtaposition of semi-auto pistol designs, an SAO trigger system vs. a DA/SA design. Both are hammer fired, both (in this instance) have ambidextrous thumb safeties, use self contained CO2 BB magazines, have excellent sights, approximate weight and balance in the hand compared to their centerfire counterparts, have slides that lock back on an empty magazine and impart a definite feeling of recoil through their slide action and firing operation. Were there fewer models to consider this year, the run off would be between these two guns. Both are excellent. What then separates them beyond the obvious technical differences of design?

It is just a change of grips and addition of the mag funnel that makes an SP-01 into a Shadow Blue and you can get the parts from Pyramyd Air. Beyond looks, the grip profile changes your hold on the pistol, as does the support for the bottom of the hand with the flared mag funnel. It’s all very subtle but effective. The first test gun (top) shot low and required a significant hold over. Not endemic to all the guns, the second Shadow converted into a Shadow Blue needed only a slight adjustment to POA to keep shots in the bullseye. The red fiber optic front sight makes this gun easy to get on target, a real plus under different lighting conditions.

We begin by looking back at the initial introduction of ASG’s CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow last spring. The gun had but one failing, it shot low at 21 feet, and the hold over was around 2 inches. A second sample was tested and this gun also shot just “slightly” below POA requiring a minor correction by aiming dead center for the bullseye or slightly above depending upon how shots were hitting. But the important thing is, the gun kept tight groups. Pistols with fixed sights often require aiming corrections so this is nothing unusual.

Shadow Blue accessories for the basic upgrade are now available from Pyramyd Air and include the anodized blue aluminum grip panels, flared magazine funnel with set screws for the mag funnel and silver screws for the grips.

The SP-01 brought a lot to the blowback action air pistol market in quality of design, fit, finish, and handling in comparison to centerfire models. It also brought a new option to CO2 pistols that is rarely seen; the ability to upgrade the gun. Not only is the Shadow exceptionally authentic to the 9mm pistol, it is possible to alter it to match models upgraded by the Česká zbrojovka Custom Shop, in this case the Shadow 2 Black & Blue. With a couple of replacement parts the CO2 model from ASG can be modified to look like the original Shadow competition version, Shadow 2 and CZ 75 Tactical Sport models. This is a unique aspect to the gun which earns it a sold 10 points for authenticity. Making the SP-01 Shadow into the Shadow Blue (currently the only option available from Pyramyd Air) takes the CZ up a level in handling as a target pistol by adding anodized aluminum grips and a flared mag funnel. A matching blue CZ magazine base pad is also available from Stampede Airsoft (along with Shadow Red and Shadow Orange color options). The mag funnel helps speed up reloading by channeling the magazine into the magwell. The flared design also provides more surface area for the support hand when using a two-handed hold, and with the Shadow being an ambidextrous design, this works equally well for left-handed shooters.

The large ambidextrous thumb safeties on the CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow make this gun a real gem for left-handed shooters.

CZ pistols are incredibly well made (centerfire and ASG CO2 models alike) and both the centerfire and CO2 versions utilize a short-recoil, locked-breech design common among the majority of modern semi-autos. The .177 caliber pistol uses a modified blowback action but with a separate recoil spring, guide rod and linkless barrel, like the centerfire pistols. This is also among the easiest semi-auto pistols to fieldstrip and that process is translated to the air pistol’s construction though it does not completely fieldstrip without using a screwdriver to remove a screw that holds the lug to the barrel.

The proof, of course, is not only in looks and function (where this gun earns the most points), it is in overall accuracy. The Shadow Blue delivered an average velocity of 319 fps, a high of 324 fps, a low of 317 fps, and a standard deviation of just 2 fps for 10 consecutive rounds. The SP-01 Shadow is factory rated at 312 fps.

The ASG CZ 75 SP-01 has more than a little in common with the Umarex S&W M&P40. Both have magazines with small followers, no follower lock, and small loading ports. Field stripping capability, while very authentic, leaves the barrel in the slide unless you remove a single screw that locks the lug to the underside.

Trigger pull on a 9x19mm SP-01 Shadow averages 8 pounds 7.5 ounces double action, and 2 pounds 11.5 ounces single action. This Shadow has a heavier but very smooth double action pull of 9 pounds, 15 ounces, and a slick single action trigger press of just 1 pound, 15.4 ounces average. Considering only the first round is fired double action (if you have de-cocked the pistol after chambering the first BB), the overall advantage is the single action trigger on the SP-01 for its smooth, light pull and clean break shot after shot. The slide also delivers a pretty decent kick when it comes back so you know you are firing a blowback action pistol.

On the negative side, SP-01 magazines are hard to load. The magazine base pad has to be removed to access the seating screw. After CO2 is inserted and tightened down with the enclosed hex head wrench, the base pad has to be slipped back onto the bottom groove of the magazine. Next the CZ magazines do not have locking followers, so you need to hold the follower and compress the spring while loading 17 steel BBs into the just slightly larger than BB circumference loading port, very similar to the S&W M&P40 CO2 magazines.

The Shadow Blue as shown was the second test gun and shot better than the first gun reviewed. Aiming for the red bullseye, or just above, put shots right on target. From 21 feet this is 10 rounds at 1.56 inches with a best five in the red at 0.75 inches.

Looking downrange, the red fiber optic front sight on the Shadow SP-01 is very easy to see and sight alignment on target is quick. The trigger pull being as smooth as it is on this gun made consistent shots in and around the bullseye for a best 10 shot target with a spread of 1.56 inches and best five rounds measuring 0.75 inches from 21 feet. For accuracy the gun does not quite measure up to some of the competition with open sights, and that is going to cost some points, but the Shadow Blue (or black Shadow SP-01) are outstanding new models and add significantly to the pleasure of shooting CO2 pistols.

Model: ASG CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow/Shadow Blue

Authenticity 1 to 10:  10 (based on fit and finish)

Ingenuity of the design 1 to 10: 9 (short-recoil, locked-breech based design)

Ease of use 1 to 10: 8 (slow loading magazines, tends to shoot low)

Field stripping capability 1 to 10: 8 (requires screw driver for complete fieldstrip)

Performance & Accuracy 1 to 10: 9 (best 5- shot groups at 0.75 inches)

Total Points: 44

The new Sig Sauer WE THE PEOPLE 1911 is nothing short of a reckoning for blowback action CO2 models, delivering top performance, high velocity, superior fit and finish, fully operating features, and superb accuracy; it is everything you could want in a 1911 training gun and a precision blowback action CO2 pistol.

Sig Sauer being comparatively new to the air pistol market has continually upped its game for the last three years from one air pistol to the next, and for the blowback action BB firing class, hit its stride this summer with the introduction of the WE THE PEOPLE Model 1911. Sig Sauer went so far as to deliver its uniquely designed and finished WE THE PEOPLE Model in .45 ACP and 4.5mm (.177 caliber) as a matching pair, making this absolutely the most authentic blowback action CO2 pistol you can own. The Sig Sauer model is a breakthrough design that exemplifies forward thinking within the airgun industry. The CO2 WE THE PEOPLE is so close, that unless you take note of the caliber stamped on the left side of the frame, or see the recessed 4.5mm barrel inside the rifled .45 ACP muzzle, the two guns are almost indistinguishable. From the right side the same is true physically, but the white lettering for the air pistol Warnings are on the frame. Even so, the attention to detail is evident in the pistol’s construction, and there is only one other minor visual tell, the absence of an extractor hole at the back of the slide. In its overall presentation, the Sig Sauer 1911 earns 10 points right out of the box.

One and the same at a glance but the Sig Sauer 1911 at the left is the .45 ACP model. The matching blowback action CO2 version of the WE THE PEOPLE is a remarkable duplicate. The distinctive weathered finish is unique to both the .45 ACP and 4.5mm Sig models. The two semi-autos also share every working feature in common.

The WE THE PEOPLE air pistol is true to the centerfire version in all its operating features, including ambidextrous thumb safeties. The .45 ACP and 4.5mm also have the early flat checkered mainspring housing preferred on competition and tactical models, and matching skeletonized hammers and competition-style triggers. Both share low profile white dot sights (the .45 ACP model with tritium night sights), and the Sig model’s uniquely distressed finish and special engraving on the slide flats and top. The guns also share the same grip panel design with 25 stars on each aluminum panel.

With slides locked open (the CO2 model slide locks back on an empty magazine) the fine detail in the air pistol is remarkably evident. 

On the range Sig’s 1911 CO2 model is not a quiet air pistol, probably a little louder than most blowback action models and it delivers a decent kick when the slide comes back. Like the Sig Sauer .45 ACP 1911, the air pistol uses the John M. Browning-designed platform of frame, slide, barrel, and recoil system using a recoil spring guide, single recoil spring, recoil spring plug and barrel bushing. The CO2 model follows the same design with internal modifications to accommodate the CO2 firing system which includes an additional lightly wound recoil spring around the barrel, like a blowback action semi-auto. The gun completely fieldstrips like the .45 ACP model. A solid 10 points earned.

However different the WE THE PEOPLE 1911 may be on the outside this final disassembly of the slide, barrel and guide rod shows that inside the Sig Sauer is very much like its 1911 counterparts. Sig Sauer even goes to the extent of showing the complete field stripping of the airgun in the instruction book noting that, “Field stripping an Airgun is great for muscle memory relating to one’s own every day or range carry firearms counterpart. It is also a useful tool in easily removing jammed BBs.” Thus the essence of this CO2 model is truly in the fine details, something that Sig Sauer has mastered in a very short time.

A loaded (full magazine and one round chambered) Sig 1911 will average 46.5 ounces (2.9 pounds). The CO2 model with CO2 loaded in the magazine and 17 steel BBs (though for training you should load 8 BBs to equal the centerfire pistols 7+1 capacity) weighs 36.5 ounces (2.28 pounds). The self-contained CO2 BB magazine for the Sig is one of the easiest I have found thus far to load with a locking follower and a heavy follower spring to keep the .177 caliber steel rounds running as fast as you can pull the trigger.

The Sig Sauer 1911 magazine has a heavy follower spring (shown compressed) and a locking follower that leaves the loading port wide open to pour BBs right in without having to hold the follower back. This is one of the easiest 1911-style magazines there is for loading BBs and CO2.

The CO2 model specs out with an overall length of 8.5 inches and weight of 35.2 ounces (empty). The .45 ACP WE THE PEOPLE has an overall length of 8.7 inches and weight of 41.6 ounces (empty). Frame size (and 6.5 inch sight radius), grip type, and low profile sight design are identical. The air pistol’s trigger has an average pull of 5.7 pounds with 0.187 inches of take up, moderate stacking and a crisp break. Trigger reset takes 0.175 inches, so a full release of the trigger is not necessary to fire again; another plus for the Sig CO2 model. Average trigger pull on the .45 ACP WE THE PEOPLE is 6 pounds 4.5 ounces as set by the factory. Take up is a shorter 0.125 inches with light stacking and a crisp break. Trigger reset takes 0.125 inches, so again a full release of the trigger is not necessary to fire. This shared feature between the .45 ACP and CO2 model is another training plus. Where they differ is in resistance; manually cocking the hammer on the centerfire model requires more effort than the air pistol, same with racking the slide, but these are both to be expected since the hammer for the airgun is going to be lighter than a centerfire pistol’s, as is the recoil spring resistance, since the CO2 has to generate the recoil effect, while the centerfire model needs a heavy recoil spring to slow the reward motion of the slide after firing.

The Sig Sauer CO2 model (bottom) has the caliber, proof mark and serial number on the lower front of the frame. The most noteworthy feature is the use of finely molded-in engraving for SIG SAUER 1911 and 1776 on the left side of the slide, which is identical to the engraving on the .45 ACP model. These things can be done with a CO2 pistol and it doesn’t have to make the retail price prohibitive. Sig Sauer has proven this.

The Sig CO2 model sends its 4.5mm (.177 caliber steel BB) rounds downrange at an average velocity of 329 fps which is decent for a blowback action pistol. My best offhand 5-shot groups shooting at a full size B-27 cardboard silhouette target from 25 feet (during a live fire comparison with the .45 ACP pistol) measured 0.51 inches (a second group of four measured 0.68 inches with a flyer that opened up my entire 10-shot group to 1.56 inches. The .45 ACP model, by the way, punched its best 5-shot group into 2.25 inches at 50 feet, and 2.75 inches at 25 yards. At 21 feet on the indoor range the WE THE PEOPLE CO2 model landed 10 consecutive rounds into 1.25 inches with a best five rounds almost overlapping at 2 o’clock and measuring 0.437 inches. It has the accuracy downrange to match its looks and operation.

From 21 feet using a Weaver stance and two-handed hold, the Sig Sauer CO2 model punched 10 rounds at just over an inch with the best five, almost all overlapping, to score a new best group from a blowback action 1911 of 0.437 inches. I shot POA at the 6 o’clock position with no corrections and the gun hit just right of center.
In a regulation B-27 silhouette target comparison with the .45 ACP WE THE PEOPLE model, the CO2 pistol delivered 10 rounds from 25 feet inside the 10 and X with a best 5-shots closely grouped to the right of the bullseye at 0.51 inches (I added a red dot over the X on the air pistol target) and another group of four rounds also tightly clustered below the red dot and one flyer that blew out my 10-shot total to 1.56 inches.

Model: Sig Sauer WE THE PEOPLE 1911

Authenticity 1 to 10:  10 (based on unique finish)

Ingenuity of the design 1 to 10: 9 (short-recoil, locked-breech design)

Ease of use 1 to 10: 10 (easy loading magazines)

Field stripping capability 1 to 10: 10 (fieldstrips like a 1911)

Performance & Accuracy 1 to 10: 10 (best 5-shot group under 0.5 inches)

Total Points: 49

Thursday the match up between Austrian design and German precision, the Umarex Glock 17 vs. the Umarex Heckler & Koch USP.

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  1. WOW a 49 score, how good is that ….It was worth waiting for this reporting, why only a 9 in Ingenuity of Design ?
    Love your attention to Detail and accompanying photos, Great work for sure and worth the wait…
    Will be very interesting from here on out.

    I own 2 Sigs and a CZ and can speak highly of their Quality and Replica detail…The “We the People 1911” may be my next Airgun….


    • Chuck, I should have explained the 9 points better than I did. The operating system and disassembly of the WE THE PEOPLE is an established design created with the Umarex Colt Combat Commander in 2014. That is why all similar 1911s, Swiss Arms, Colt, etc. of this design can interchange their CO2 BB magazines. The Sig would have received only a 7 for ingenuity were it not for its use of machined-in engraving on the slide and superb matching finish to the .45 ACP model. But the WE THE PEOPLE earned every inch of its 49 points. Best 1911 CO2 model ever.

  2. Dennis, what’s the next new Replica hand gun coming down the road for 2019…???
    Being close to all the suppliers I figure you might have a clue about such things …

    • Umarex is not saying and Sig has just come off the M17 launch. ASG has some plans but they are not sharing right now. The only thing I know for sure will be a Springfield Armory blowback action XD(M) model, probably in January. It was planned for this year but wasn’t ready in time. Springfield will be very much like Sig Sauer, on the cutting edge of design.

    • Hey Lawman….Maybe a Revised Souped Up version of my all time favorite the Browning Hi Power….would that be cool or what….Also I used to carry and use a Whitney Wolverine in 22LR I would really like to see that in an Air Gun Pistol…also while I’m just flappin my lips here maybe a Beretta M70 Semi auto…

    • I’d have to say the Sig 1911 and Swiss Arms 1911s really have the formula nailed down and not overly cluttered with verbiage. Kind of wish Sig hand put tit in the underside of the frame rather than on the right side, but is still fairly discrete against the custom weathered finish. Hopefully Sig will make the same gun in 2019 with a blued or Cerakote-like finish. It is a gun so well done that another version seems logical. Maybe a better Spartan 1911 than the first Sig offering! That platform has a great deal of potential.

  3. A blowback Browning HighPower is long overdue. Since Umarex was able to make a Beretta 84 , I see no reason they could not make a Beretta 70 or 1934. They could probably make James Bond’s original pistol the 918 as well . I have a pr Of Beretta 22s , a 70s and the older Mossad favorite,the alloy framed Jaguar

    • The Browning makes good sense and I am amazed it hasn’t been done already. The rest, though VERY desirable to us Bond and vintage pistol enthusiasts may be a little to esoteric for Umarex. The Mauser was total mainstream history like the P.08 and P.38, but the Berettas probably not. What I would like to see is a PPK/S done right, self-contained CO2 BB magazine, bright finish like the P.38 (so, yes they can do it!) and working thumb safety. A brand new PPK/S not another update to the first blowback action Umarex model.

      • The Browning is a classic and deserves to be made as a quality blowback replica. Would like to see the adjustable sight John Ingis version. Those Berettaazare dreams but an updated Ppk/s and P38 should be doable. Wonder if Umarex will offer a Series 70 1911, it has been offered in Europe, and a standard WW2 version. How about some new Peacemaker variations, and maybe an 1872 Open Top?

        • That would make almost more sense than anything because it is not any larger than the TT-33, the Makarov is even smaller and they have been made as CO2 models. Funny thing is there are even (or were) new Model 1903 Colts being built in limited editions a couple of years ago. Very expensive but nice! I think a blowback action CO2 model would be a big success. It is a classic American pistol carried in two would wars and issued as a General Officers sidearm. It spans the time period from the last days of the American West (Texas Rangers in the early 1900’s used them as backup guns) through the mid 1940’s! This one has baffled me for years now.

          • I was fortunate enough to have picked up mint 03, 08. 25 acp and an 08 380 years ago , under $500 for the trio. The repro 1903 parkerized model is made under license by US Armaments, who made theGattling gun reissue. Some unfinished pistols have been sent to Colt to be done in blue and nickel. Not cheap but nice. Rumor is they will eventually offer a 1908 380 . An affordable co2 blowback licensed by Colt and done in a parkerized looking Officers model and so marked ,as well as blue and nickel versions would be substantially less , and great historical pistols. I could also see a prewar Woodsman, but that is s battle for another day

  4. Since Air Gun Replicas are a product of Sales Demand I see a decent outlook for the New 2019 Models we have mentioned…Good to hear about SA’s entry with the XD Dennis….. I used an SA Range Officer Target in Competition for several years, High Quality Pistol…Good to hear from everyone.

  5. I placed my order for the Sig We The People 1911 on Sunday and am looking forward to getting it.

    Has Sig announced if they will issue their own accessory 1911 magazine for the We The People 1911 pistol?

    I was considering these accessory magazine options for the We The People.
    Colt Commander magazine
    Tanfoglio 1911 & Swiss Arms Magazine
    Tanfoglio & Swiss Arms Extended Magazine
    Remington 1911 RAC Magazine
    SIG Sauer 1911 Tactical Magazine
    You may have answered this question already, but I want to verify your answer. Will all of these accessory magazines work in the Sig We The People 1911?

    Since you brought up Springfield Armory, can you tell us when their new replica M1? M14? BB rifle will be coming out? 2019 or later?

    • While all of the magazines will fit the Sig Sauer not all of the magazines are the same. I do not know when Sig will offer spare mags for the WE THE PEOPLE but my personal preference is the Tanfoglio magazine which is closest to the Sig’s.

      The Springfield models should be coming shorty after the the first of the new year. It is my understanding that the XD pistol will be first. The M1 should follow, but that could change. The Springfield models will be 2019 for sure, though.

      Enjoy your WE THE PEOPLE 1911, it is everything you expect it to be.

  6. I assume the 5 mags you list are all different and from different manufacturers. Currently I have a Swiss Arms 1911 which I have given the Dennis treatment but 3 identical mags all of which leak gas and double feed. Replacement feed lips are not available in the UK . I am reluctant to buy a further mag and end up with 4 mags I cannot use. If there is a mag out there which does not have these defects I would like to know. Frankly the difficulties I have had with these mags rather puts me off full blowback all together!!!

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