Sig Sauer Super Target Part 6

Sig Sauer Super Target Part 6

Fully leaded: shooting Sig’s new Match Pb target pellets

By Dennis Adler

Meant to be a match by Sig Sauer, the new SIG AIR 7.71 gr. Match Pb lead wadcutters will cost you some velocity, but will they give you any edge in accuracy?

As promised, there is one last test to be done with the ASP Super Target using the new SIG AIR Match Pb series 7.71 gr. lead wadcutters. The weight difference between a 7.0 gr. wadcutter compared to the new SIG AIR Pb wadcutter’s 7.71 gr. is obviously going to result in a lower average velocity and I will run a 1:1 comparison switching from Meisterkugeln 7.0 gr. to the new Pb 7.71 gr. and chart the velocity variations for 10 shots.

With the Match Ballistic 5.25 gr. alloy Sig Sauer wadcutters being discontinued, the new, heavier 7.71 gr. lead wadcutters are intended for a variety of Sig’s pellet-firing models and are one among a new series of Match Pb pellets in both .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm) calibers.

The greater question with the heavier SIG AIR Pb is going to be accuracy at 10 meters vs. the lighter weight 7.0 gr. wadcutters, and more so, compared to the lightweight 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters, which gave me a 0.5 inch group at 10 meters from a benchrest. To simplify the initial comparison between the Meisterkugeln and SIG AIR wadcutters, I am not going to readjust the sights on the Super Target from the alloy wadcutters I used last, but rather put up a target with a grid that can allow me to better chart the different POI shooting at the same center dot. I made these up myself awhile back so I could make more exact adjustments when sighting in lasers, but they will serve this purpose, too. Since the Pb wadcutters from SIG AIR are match grade, I am going to go on the assumption (always a big risk) that they have more consistent uniformity.

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Velocity checks

My 10 shots with Meisterkugeln clocked:

343 fps

343 fps

347 fps

347 fps

345 fps

344 fps

354 fps

353 fps

350 fps

353 fps

The average velocity with the 7.0 gr. Meisterkugeln was 347 fps with a standard deviation of 4 fps. Switching to the new SIG AIR 7.71 gr. Match Pb, 10 shots clocked:

318 fps

308 fps

309 fps

319 fps

306 fps

312 fps

307 fps

309 fps

315 fps

316 fps

The average velocity with the SIG AIR Match Pb was 311 fps with a standard deviation of 4 fps, same as the Meisterkugeln, but the loss in average velocity with the heavier pellets is a noteworthy 36 fps, with the high velocity spread between the Sig and Meisterkugeln being 353 fps vs. 319 fps. Even though standard deviation is 4 fps for both, the consistency with the Meisterkugeln was better shot for shot.

My very first time paring up the Match Pb and the Super Target and shooting at a sighting target from 10 meters (aiming at the red dot with the sights left adjusted as they were) gave me both a wider spread than expected and a 12 fps variance from low to high velocity for 10 shots.

The lower velocity with the 7.71 gr. wadcutters is to be expected, but the question is, will a more random velocity spread of 12 fps over 10 shots with the Match Pb, have an impact on the Super Target’s accuracy at 10 meters? The spread with Meisterkugeln was 10 fps, from lowest to highest velocity.

Settling down to the benchrest, my first 5-shot group hit wider than expected with a corrected POA. I made slight adjustments as I went but still found the Match not delivering. Back to square one…
Square one was another POA adjustment that gave me a tighter group but everything was hitting high and left, and this was the best I could do without starting over and re-sighting in the gun. I didn’t anticipate this much difference and will have to run another series of tests after sighting the gun in again for the Match Pb, and write a follow up article.

10 meters with Match Pb

I shot 10 rounds at the sighting target with the sights held on the red dot and not adjusted for the heavier pellets. The 10 shots were not as consistent as I had expected and gave me a spread of 1.75 inches, with the closest five rounds measuring 1.24 inches. I switched to a 10-meter target and shot five rounds with the SIG AIR pellets off the bench and adjusted POA. My 5-shot group measured 1.24 inches, and needless to say I was disappointed in my shooting with the Super Target and Pb Match pellets. So, one more try. I can’t say that I am thrilled with this target either, since all my shots hit high and left even with POA corrections. I have to come to a temporary conclusion that the Super Target and the Pb Match are not the match I was hoping for. Still, this last 5-shot group did pack all five into 0.875 inches. I shot one final target with the Super Target using Meisterkugeln and put five shots into 0.875 inches once again.

I went back to Meisterkugeln and while I nicked the bullseye and had three pretty tight, two went low and my total spread was no better.
In Part 4 of the Super Target series I shot a best five rounds into 0.5 inches using H&N Sport Match Green 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters. I could not come close to this with either Meisterkugeln or Match Pb today. Like I said, it could be me, but this gun shoots better and more accurately with alloy wadcutters.

There is an inconsistency in accuracy between lead and alloy pellets and I can’t rule myself out, but I know that for my match with the Super Target, alloy pellets got the job done. Back to you.

6 thoughts on “Sig Sauer Super Target Part 6”

  1. The Meisterkugeln have always been very accurate in pretty much whatever I shoot them in, Pistol or revolver. Probably design , uniformity and weight. The Sig pellets are almost a gr heavier, at 400 plus fps a day 10 yds it would not matter, but my experience has been that as distance increases to 30 feet and beyond , lower velocity causes accuracy to suffer.

  2. My 2 most accurate Air Pistol’s, my Crosman 2300T & Webley Nemisis both shooting one ragged hole at 7 Meter Bench rested. neither favors any Pellet over another however the Crosman will not load the Wide Skirted Pellets, all my Pellets cost under $10.00 per Tin, I’m shooting Meisterkuggen, Crosman, Gamo….

    • Chuck

      Those are all good pellets, but as you now I favor Meisterkugeln, and for some air pistols H&N Sport Match Green alloy wadcutters deliver velocity and accuracy. Not every pistol is going to work with alloy pellets, but when the combo works, it tends to work quite well. Yes, they cost more, but if you get consistently better results, it is worth it. As for the Super Target, for me it is still a work in progress. It has taken me longer to get dialed in with this one than other single stroke pneumatics, but it has more latitude for sight adjustments and for the trigger. When I get everything right, I think this is going to be one of the most accurate 10-meter entry level pistols on the market.


      • Pardon me for going off topic. I just saw an announcement at Hard Air Magazine that Umarex in 2020 will release a blowback semi / full auto steel BB shooting replica of the iconic M1A1 submachine gun. I think I can hear Capone saying he wants one! 🙂

          • Yes it is about time. Airgun enthusiasts still need to keep up the campaign with Umarex though. This BB shooting M1A1 is just one of the two versions of the rifle that I want. I will definitely buy this BB shooting M1A1 when it comes out, but I also want to see a CO2 powered pellet shooting version with the drum magazine and forward pistol grip, and no I am not talking about the SMG 0.22 caliber gun with the CO2 bottle attached to the bottom of the grip. I do not regard the SMG gun as a “true replica.”

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