Sig Sauer Super Target Part 7

Sig Sauer Super Target Part 7

Perseverance and the pellet

By Dennis Adler

As the ASP Super Target comes from Sig Sauer, the trigger is well set up with a minimum amount of take up and a light pull in the mid 2 pound range. I think most shooters will find this factory set combination more than satisfactory, but the gun does have four excellent trigger adjustments, so nothing is chiseled in stone.

Rarely do I find myself doing follow-up tests with air pistols that have not presented a problem. The Sig Sauer ASP Super Target is working great, me, not so much. I settled into this gun with alloy pellets, and had it dialed in almost where I wanted it before moving on to the new Sig Pb lead wadcutters. Remember, I only have so much time to write a review, and usually the transition from one pellet to another doesn’t present such a vast difference in accuracy. Maybe I’m taking this too seriously, but if the gun can shoot 0.5 inch groups with one type of pellet, it should come close to duplicating that accuracy with another (with appropriate sight adjustment). That is where I took a little shortcut to get Saturday’s article finished. I usually don’t do that but I had a lot of confidence in the Super Target, or perhaps too much confidence in myself. Suffice to say I ran out of time and now I need to see if I can master this new combination.

The first and most important change I made to the Super Target trigger was to move the trigger position forward about 1/8th of an inch to increase take up. I was not counting the number of turns I made to the set screw to do this, but rather how far forward the trigger was moving. This is the only adjustment screw that allows you this much latitude. The other adjustments must be made in small increments.

Trigger Adjustments

Build a Custom Airgun

I also promised a section on adjusting the trigger. Tom Gaylord has already done this in his column and ran into some interesting pitfalls when working the full combination of adjustments. I am going to take a slightly different approach and make two adjustments to fine tune the factory settings, which, as I said early on, are pretty darn nice as is. First, I moved the trigger from its rearmost position as it came from Sig Sauer, out about 3/8th of an inch, so I have a bit more relief going into the first stage. This requires a 1/8th inch Allen wrench and an adjustment to screw number 2, topmost in the trigger. Turning clockwise lengthens the stroke and I made enough of an adjustment to move the trigger far enough that it completely clears the back of the triggerguard.

While it is hard to see in this photo unless you go back and look at the position of the trigger in the first image, it is sitting much further forward in the triggerguard than it was.

This does not change the trigger pull resistance, which is screw number 1 at the top front of the triggerguard. I did, however, retest the trigger pull with the Lyman gauge and it averaged 2 pounds, 7.9 ounces. What this did change, was to impart a very slight bit of over travel and make the first stage of the trigger pull longer, now 0.187 inches, with a very short, crisp, second stage release. I decided to shorten the first stage by turning screw number 3, the center screw in the trigger, counterclockwise just slightly.

The changed position of the trigger is much more evident in this close up, which was taken after using screw number three, the center screw in the trigger, to shorten the first stage pull. I turned it counterclockwise about ¼ turn and this really smoothed out the first to second stage pull, giving the Super Target a trigger that felt as smooth and effortless as my Tanfoglio Gold Custom (CO2), Air Venturi V10, and 9mm Sig Sauer Max target pistol.

This smoothed out the first stage to an almost glass like feeling between the first and second stage, with the same crisp release to break the shot. This was a minor but tangible difference in trigger pull that is now exactly to my liking and basically feels like the trigger on several of my other target pistols. The second stage adjustment from Sig Sauer was perfect just as is.

Re-sighting for the Sig Sauer Match Pb

This is going to be more trial and error shooting from the benchrest to dial in the elevation and windage for the heavier 7.71 gr. lead wadcutters. It took three targets to adjust elevation and windage, and on my fourth, with shots still hitting just left of the bullseye, I put five rounds into 0.75 inches, but still no bullseye.

The next step was sighting in the gun for the new Sig Sauer Match Pb 7.71 gr. lead wadcutters. As I established in the velocity tests, the Match Pb maxes out at about 319 fps, which is not great for a 10 meter pistol, but this is a much heavier pellet. It took a lot of sight adjustments to get everything dialed in from the benchrest. After a few targets that were way off, I ended up with this 5-shot group that was still hitting left, but the spread was getting tighter. This measures 0.75 inches.

One minor adjustment to the right and another down (one click each) sent five rounds inside of the 9, 10 and just nicked the bullseye for another 0.75 inch group. Overall, I shot about a dozen targets today with the Match Pb wadcutters.

I finally got to lay a dime down on the target after getting groups that were on center. I managed to miss the bullseye and punch five all around it. The measurement is 0.75 inches.

The last sight adjustments sealed the deal with a bullseye group measuring 0.62 inches with the one flyer breaking out into the 8 ring at 4 o’clock. I did have 4 of the five at 0.5 inches, so I think the Match Pb and Sig Sauer ASP Super Target are nearly vindicated.

I was determined to fine tune the sights until I could consistently hit the bullseye. On my 12th target of the shooting session I punched out the red and had one shot go a little low and right. The measurement was tighter at 0.62 inches. Four of my five were dead center at 0.5 inches.

With Thursday being Thanksgiving, the Airgun Experience will be back on the 29th with articles publishing on Friday and Sunday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Sig Sauer Super Target Part 7”

  1. How many Meter’s & R U Bench Rested ???

    12 5 shot group targets is 60 Pulls with that Single Stroke Pneumatic Sig….
    How was it ? Was it tiring ? How long of a shooting time ?
    Sure is a nice looking Air Pistol…


    • Chuck, this was all shot from 10 meters off a Hyskore pistol rest, big, heavy, fully adjustable, so the pistol stays put. It is all down to adjusting the rest and the pistol sights, sometimes easier said than done. The Sig is pretty easy on the hand to charge for each shot. I don’t have a way to measure it but from experience, at least half of the effort compared to a Beeman or the HW75, probably less. Actually, almost becomes second nature after a couple of dozen targets. For this article, I shot 12 test targets and a few random sighting targets, so 60 plus pulls, and I can’t say it was tiring at all. I spent the better part of the day doing the test and writing my notes for the article, with breaks to give my eyes a rest, but 12 targets when you are doing a test like this goes slowly.


  2. I received my Super Target in Ontario, Canada today and have put a couple of hundred rounds of RWS R10 7.0 gr. through it. I have never used that pellet before, only Crosman Premium. Have only been shooting regularly for about 3 months with a Umarex Beretta 92FS and 92A1. I thought the 92FS was pretty good, and my groupings have been getting tighter as my technique has improved (thanks in great measure to the information provided in posts here!).
    But! This Sig blew me away from almost the first shot! I have not adjusted the trigger as I don’t feel I have the experience to do this, but I did start adjusting the windage and elevation slightly after a hundred shots or so. I now have it dialed in for me at 6 o’clock. I have been making my own targets with magic markers, and actually had to make the bullseyes smaller to suit the new Sig and sight more accurately.
    I was shooting from 30 feet rested on a tripod platform, the longest I can in my basement, and have gotten a grouping of 8 out of 10 shots under an inch. Shooting unsupported from 15 feet, I got a couple of dime-sized groupings of 5 out of 5. This may not be that impressive, but it is twice as good as I have been achieving!
    I will be 65 0n Monday and find the pump action not the slightest bit difficult. This gun is an all-round pleasure to use!

  3. This gun continues to impress me! Shot this today, 10 rounds offhand with Meisterkugeln 7.0 gr. At 30 feet, the longest I can do in my basement. I can’t normally shoot anywhere near this well.

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