Sig Sauer X-Five ASP Silver Competition Part 1

Sig Sauer X-Five ASP Silver Competition Part 1

The Silver Standard for blowback action 4.5mm target pistols

By Dennis Adler

The Sig Sauer X-Five ASP Silver is the same as the black model, however, as it has been proven in the past, sighting can be different due to the finish of the slide (silver or nickel compared to blued or matte black). In addition, the 9mm and .40 S&W models were almost all brushed stainless steel, so the ASP is also a little more authentic in its appearance.

Earlier this year Sig Sauer began delivering yet another benchmark CO2 pistol, the X-Five ASP with the standard matte Nitron-look black finish seen on so many handguns. But the actual centerfire competition (X-Five Match) models of the P226 X-Five were brushed stainless (except for the X-Five Tactical with a black Nitron slide and black anodized aluminum frame). The P226 X-Five Series models were produced from 2005 to 2012 including the X-Five Competition, X-Five All Around and Tactical models and as P226 X Series All Around, Classic, Entry, Match, X Open, Super Match, and Tactical in 2014. The current 9mm and .40 S&W X-Five Series are based on the P320.

The X-Five ASP is a combination of features from the X-Five Match (far left) and the X-Five Tactical (center). The CO2 model has a variation of the straight SAO target trigger and the X pattern grips, but the hammer design is from the Tactical model. 

The blowback action 4.5mm X-Five

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The X-Five ASP is copied from the X-Five Match designed for IPSC shooting, combined with the hammer of the X-Five Tactical. The Match used a brushed stainless finish which is duplicated on the latest X-Five ASP, as well as polymer X pattern checkered grips. The Match pistols did not have the P226 decocking lever (the X-Five All Around used the decocker). The Match used an extended frame and slide, 5-inch barrel and flat single action trigger, flared magwell, deep undercut triggerguard, and adjustable rear sights. All of these features are duplicated on the ASP which has a 5-inch rifled steel barrel.

Here again you can see the great similarities between the 9mm X-Five Match and the CO2 ASP model. The great visual differences aside from the skeletonized target trigger and hammer on the centerfire model is the molded in slide and barrel lug interface, which should be black not silver, and of course, there is no cutout in the slide for the takedown lever to rotate into since the CO2 model cannot be field stripped, nor can the slide lock back. Considering all that the X-Five ASP brings to the table as a target pistol these are really small concessions to achieve the otherwise excellent fit and finish of the air pistol.

Internally this is a combination of the P226 ASP and P320 ASP, the latter relating to the X-Five ASP using a P320-style 20-shot rotary Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM). This also means the CO2 is loaded into the pistol grip separately from the pellet magazine, and this is another hybrid design combining features that were first developed in 2016 for the P226 ASP. The Sig Sauer patented cam-operated CO2 quick loading and piercing system uses a hinged backstrap that opens to allow inserting the CO2 into the grip frame channel. The CO2 is automatically seated and pierced when the backstrap is pressed closed making this one of the fastest air pistols to load.

The X-Five ASP is a hybrid design combining elements of the P226 ASP series with the 20-round magazine system developed for the P320 ASP model. This is a superb combination that makes loading CO2 and 4.5mm pellets faster than other pellet-firing semi-auto pistols.

On the down side (there is almost always a downside when you have a pellet-firing semi-auto design) Sig Sauer’s efficiency of design dictates that there are non-functioning parts to the X-Five ASP and a molded-in slide and barrel lug interface that lacks any detail beyond an edge. Sig changed this with the M17, but the X-Five ASP came first. Sig Sauer has also held steadfastly to a non-functional slide release, which, while looking exactly as it should, is fixed in place since the slide cannot lock back with the rotary pellet magazine design. This is also true for the M17. However, the ambidextrous thumb safeties are fully functional on both guns.

Both the slide release and take down lever look exactly like the centerfire pistols, but they are non functioning pieces. Sig has given them a very realistic look to add a quality to the gun that cannot be achieved with simply molded in pieces. Also note the straight SAO trigger used on this model. The X-Series competition models did not use the decocking lever from the standard P226 line.

While authenticity of design is always a big issue in my book, the X-Five ASP is a dedicated target pistol and the rifled steel barrel makes the X-Five model ideal for target shooting at 10 meters. This is more important for the ASP than having 100 percent accurate operating features.

From the right side you can see the ambidextrous thumb safety which is a fully functional piece. This view also shows the handsome checkered X style grip design and the quality fit using Torx head star pattern screws.

The X-Five is a large handgun and just slightly wider than the P226 ASP by 0.0625 inches and 0.687 inches longer overall (it is also 0.375 inches taller). As a result it will not fit a standard P226 holster. The X-Five ASP weighs in at 44 ounces, just 2.7 ounces shy of the 9mm X Series pistol. In size, the X-Five ASP has an overall length of 8.7 inches, height of 5.94 inches (base of magwell to top of rear sight) and a slide width of 1.0 inches. Width at the edges of the ambidextrous safeties is 1.625 inches. Sight radius is a very lengthy 7.06 inches with a flat surface matte black rear sight and white dot blade front sight.

Another feature of the X-Five ASP models is a quality adjustable rear sight with windage and click adjustable elevation screws.

2 thoughts on “Sig Sauer X-Five ASP Silver Competition Part 1”

  1. I bought this X-Five Silver ASP pellet pistol a few weeks ago. Despite the inoperable takedown and slide lock functions, I’m very impressed with this pistol. I like the silver finish and the adjustable rear sight. When I holstered this X-Five on my hip in the UTG Deluxe Commando Holster, I really felt the weight. This X-Five is a big, heavy pistol. This X-Five is my first Sig Sauer with the cam lever for loading the CO2, and I really like that feature.

    I’m really eager to read your shooting accuracy results.

  2. Looking forward to your next analysis on this pistol…I’ve had the Pistol for a month now.
    I have a UTG Laser mounted and the pistol is very accurate at 10Meter…5 shots .300’s C/C, one handed bench rested in pistol holder rest V notched,,,
    Was a real trip getting use to the non-target trigger, looking forward to your description of trigger…Pistol is quite heavy but comfortable, Slide has virtually Japan by Maurino resistance to being moved rearward in static condition, reminds me of being a sloppy fit ???? Also I didn’t know the M17 P320 & P226 X5 Silver were made in Japan by Tokyo Marui licensed by Sig, I thought they were made in Germany by Sig Air ???


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