Umarex Legends Lever Action Rifle Part 4

Umarex Legends Lever Action Rifle

The Classic Winchester Model 1894 on air Part 4

By Dennis Adler

The Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action Rifle is a perfect long gun for either the BB cartridge firing 5-1/2 inch Peacemakers or the 7-1/2 inch rifled barrel pellet cartridge firing models. The lever action can load and fire either cartridge and does surprisingly well firing alloy or lead wadcutters down its 19-1/2 inch smoothbore barrel.

What is a 19-1/2 inch smoothbore barrel capable of in terms of accuracy? Considering that before the use of rifling in the 1700s, (for longrifles; rifling of barrels for cannons goes much further back), the vast majority of long guns had smoothbore barrels and frontiersmen managed to do quite well with them. The use of smoothbore and rifled barrels in air pistols and air rifles alike is almost as old; Lewis & Clark carried a version of the Girandoni air rifle, manufactured for Meriweather Lewis by Philadelphia gunsmith Isiah Lukens, during their Corps of Discovery expedition from St. Louis to the Pacific Coast from 1803 to 1806. The rifled barrel, .46 caliber Girandoni air rifle was also carried by the Austrian Army from 1780 until the early 1800s, so air rifles of both smoothbore and rifled barrel designs were not uncommon over 200 years ago. Of course, by the time of the Winchester Model 1892 and 1894 lever actions, smoothbore rifles were the exception (though they were manufactured, including an 1892 smoothbore for Annie Oakley, who used shot shells in the Winchester repeater during part of her act in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show). Winchester has also made smoothbore models of the 1873 and other lever action models on special order, so the smoothbore Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action Rifle is not altogether inaccurate! And there is something to be said for a CO2 powered lever action rifle with a smoothbore barrel. At CO2 powered air rifle distances it is accurate with BBs and even better when loaded with wadcutter pellets.

The silver pellet cartridges for the Peacemakers are sold separately in packages of six and four packages will give you enough rounds in your cartridge belt to feed the lever action twice with four spares. Since you can mix them with the revolver (same cartridges) a full gunbelt will service both your rifle and revolver. It’s a page right out of the American West.

To avoid the issue of leading in the smoothbore barrel (leading occurs in rifled barrel models as well) and to get the most velocity out of the Legends Cowboy Lever Action, the Peacemaker pellet cartridges are loaded with H&N Sport Match Green 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters. A .177 caliber steel BB averages 5.1 gr. so at 5.25 gr. the alloy wadcutter should give up little if anything in average velocity. But what does it gain in performance for the long smoothbore barrel?

My first test with pellet loading cartridges was with H&N Match Green 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters. At 10 meters the lever action rifle punched 10 rounds into 1.5 inches with eight out of the 10 shots at 0.75 inches and a best five at 0.625 inches.

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For my first accuracy test with 10 rounds of H&N Sport at 10 meters, I made one adjustment to the rear sight raising it one notch which brought the gun to POA at 10 meters. Out of 10 rounds, I placed 8 shot in an overlapping spread measuring 0.75 inches with 5 rounds at 0.625 inches. With two shots pulled to the right my total 10-shots measured 1.5 inches. Average velocity for the 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutter was 445 fps. Not too far off the 452 fps average with steel BBs. I ran 10 rounds of Meisterkugeln through the Legends Cowboy with an average velocity of 423 fps for the 7.0 gr. lead wadcutters.

Even though I tend to do well with the H&N alloy wadcutters, my favorite pellet is still RWS Meisterkugeln 7.0 gr. lead wadcutters for the Colt rifled barrel Peacemaker. I just had to run them through the Cowboy Lever Action, and to my surprise they not only clocked an average velocity of 423 fps but a best 10 shots from 10 meters measuring 1.25 inches in the bullseye, with 6 rounds in one large group measuring 0.5 inches edge to edge.

Far be it from me to ever shoot a perfect target but I came close with the Meisterkugeln and Legends Cowboy Lever Action at 10 meters. I placed 10 rounds into 1.25 inches all within the red bullseye, with a tight group of 6 rounds in one large hole measuring 0.5 inches edge to edge, (the dime at left is 0.687 inches), two rounds split above and below to the right, and another pair to the far right. Overall the best total 10-shot group of the 10-meter test session.

BB rounds at 10 meters tend to open up but the Legends Cowboy Lever Action managed to put 10 Umarex .177 caliber steel BBs into the red at 1.0 inches. They came in a little high as I had previously adjusted the rear buckhorn sight for the pellet loads by raising it one step. This was POA at 10 meters, for a 6 o’clock hold with alloy pellets.

I finished off with 10 rounds of Umarex .177 steel BBs at 10 meters and shot a surprising 1-inch group, a little high but with multiple overlapping hits with three rounds, a single and a flyer clipping the edge of the red bullseye at 2 o’clock. My best 5-shot group, which ran diagonally through the middle of the bullseye, had 3-rounds in two holes with a tear between, and a pair almost overlapping, measuring 0.75 inches. Not quite as good as I did the day before when I had 5 shots at 0.5 inches. But for a smoothbore BB rifle aiming with ancient buckhorn sights and shooting steel BBs at 10 meters, 1 inch for 10 shots is still not a bad group.

Beyond 10 meters

Bad weather put a damper on my planned 45 foot outdoor range test but I did manage to shoot indoors at 40 feet and at that distance with H&N Sport Match Green alloy wadcutters I found the sweet spot with the Legends Cowboy Lever Action and punched 10 shots inside the bullseye at 1.125 inches with two overlapping groups. The closest five shots measure 0.562 inches, so, even at 40 feet with pellets the smoothbore can still pack them in tight. Would a rifled barrel model be any more accurate? It would probably knock another 8th of an inch off the tightest groups, but since you can shoot the pellet cartridges from the Peacemakers in the lever action, a rifled barrel doesn’t strike me as being more important than perhaps a weathered finish. As for a wood stock and forend, it would increase the price significantly. Walther has always been big on wood stocks and wood grips for their pellet models, and if you look at the price for a pair of wood grips for a Walther CP88, you can begin to imagine the up charge for making a wood stock like the Walther Lever Action for the Legends Cowboy model. If the wood grained molded stock on the Umarex didn’t look as good as it does, it might be worthwhile, but in the end, it is how well the gun performs over how finely stocked it is.

Surprisingly, my 10-meter rear sight setting did not change all the way out to 40 feet for my last target shot with H&N Sport Match Green 5.25 gr. alloy wadcutters, which printed an impressive (remember this is a smoothbore) group of 10 rounds at 1.125 inches with multiple overlapping hits and the best five shots at 0.562 inches. Slip the Legends Lever Action into your rifle scabbard and ride off into the sunset!

Even with a wood grained molded stock and forend and a smoothbore barrel, this lever action model is not only a great shooter, but more accurate in its design and handling than anything before. The Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action should quickly earn its place alongside the Peacemakers as one of the best western CO2 models you can own.

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  1. Well erase my skepticism. This rifle is ready to ride the range. Still accurate out to rifled barrel range for a co2 rifle. As stated , I would like higher velocity, but is adequate as is as evidenced by the accuracy out to 40 feet. Would be interesting to see how far out it will still shoot tight groups. Tight groups on paper are nice but 2-3 inch groups on reactive targets are what is required on reactive plates for action shooting. Looks like this rifle can do that

    • Using that rifle (Umarex lever action) are the same Umarex cartridges used for shooting both BB’s and pellets? Or does the owner have to buy one set of cartridges for BB’s and another set of cartridges for pellets?

      Thank you.

      • Yes, the BBs are rear loading for the BB model Peacemakers and the pellets are also rear loading for the rifled barrel Peacemakers but they are not the same shells. You will notice when I show pellet shells they are silver, BB shells are brass. The Legends Cowboy Lever Action will chamber and shoot both BB and pellet cartridges. You will find Peacemaker pellet cartridges listed as accessories on the same page as the guns. Scroll down to the bottom. Pellet shells or BB shells are six for $9.99. Load up!

  2. I wonder if Umarex will realize what they have begun and expand like well Sig. I see no reason why the cartridge firing system could not be adapted to a Legends bolt action military rifle series. Lee Enfield, Springfield 03, 98 Mauser. More western rifles, lever and single shot like Remington Rolling Block,Sharps. A lot of possibilities for action shooting airgun replicas.

  3. Dennis,

    In the second paragraph, “A 1.77 caliber steel BB”, shouldn’t that be “A 0.177 caliber steel BB”?

    This Cowboy Lever Action is going to become a part of my collection, right next to my Walther Lever Action pellet rifle.

  4. This is like a second childhood. At age nine my most precious possession was a Colt with individual bullets you loaded with caps together with a Lone Star rifle where you pulled down the lever to insert a roll of caps!! Now at 71 with the Umarex Colts and Levers the shame is that I have not got the balls to wear the Cowboy outfit which was then my outfit of choice as we watched Lone Ranger and the Cisco Kid on our flickery black and white Tele.. Happy days

    • Derek

      Once you get the lever action you may well find your inner child. Mine comes out every six weeks when I do Guns of the Old West. Just get a hat and start with that. You are only a year older than me, we grew up on the same shows with the same cap pistols, I had a Fanner 50 and a Wanted Dead or Alive Mare’s Laig. Still have fond memories of those days even though I dress up in cowboy garb and shoot the real guns for a living. Guess I never grew up. Enjoy the Legends Cowboy Lever Action when you get it. It really is a page out of the past!

    • Go for it man! All it takes is a new historical movie to make me want to take my era correct gun out and do alittle target shooting in era correct wear! I’ve been collecting mil-surp and other clothes since I was 10. So much fun! Can’t wait to take out the Winchester if it ever actually ships

      • Jack:

        It will be here very soon. Time flies unless you’re waiting for something! I think getting into period clothing to test old guns, as I do in Guns of the Old West and occasionally for Airgun Experience, is part of making the article seem more authentic. It is also a lot more fun. I too, have been collecting western clothing for a very long time, which helps make the costuming for articles possible. A lot of the items I wear were custom made or from companies that are no longer around. Like I say, history never gets old.


        • I was told shipments were scheduled to start arriving this week. Not sure what has delayed them. New product launches are always tough, especially with this one and the G17. All I can say for certain, having tested both, is that they are worth the wait. We’ll have a lot to share with experiences shooting these new models in the New Year, which is only a few weeks away. Hang in there guys, this is one time pent up anticipation will be well rewarded.

          • I sure hope so, I haven’t waited nearly as long as others but I can understand the frustration. The only thing that worries me is that when they do arrive there are quality control issues because of last minute rushing to get a product out that has already missed several ship dates…I pray the set backs are to ensure the first batch of these bad boys lives up to the hype

    • That’s an oldie but a real goodie. What year was yours manufactured? At one time Crosman really had a handle on Old West gun designs. Not like todays but in the 1960s, it was pretty cool stuff! A Model 99 paired with a Model SA 6 Colt Single Action style revolver. Back to the future.

      • I have two. One is as nib, will check to see if there is anything dating it. The other is a used shooter , still tight and accurate. They had a relatively short run from 1965-70. I have both the SA6 with gray bone type grips , and a restored Crosman Peacemakersith aftermarket stag type grips. Unlike the S&W type revolvers that all became leakers, these all hold co2. Dated by today’s standards, they were innovative in their day. Also shows that a 22 revolver is possible. I could see mating an Umarex rear to a co2 Colt Dragoon, loading from the front with a pellet rammer , in 22 cal. The best ifvtwo airgun eras

  5. Jack, Dennis shot up a storm with his sample. The rifle has been out for awhile in Europe and has been well received. Cowboy airgun matches have proven the worth of the rifle

    • Jack:

      One of the reasons the deliveries are late is making sure these guns hit the market without any issues. This is a long awaited advance in CO2 air rifles, so Umarex is being certain they have a winner right from the start. And yes, why isn’t there a rifled barrel model, I know, but at this point I don’t think it would shoot that much better than the BB model does with pellet shells. This is an exciting air rifle to shoot. I shot it a lot and it is non stop fun (so long as you know where the spent shells are landing!)

      • Reading this article definitely makes it look even better than I was hoping for! (Excellent work by the way) pretty excited to get my hand on it and do some plinking myself!

    • Estimated delivery always a week away. Another delay and Umarex can relaunch it at SHOT 2019. They have done a simply awful job of launching products in theUSA this year. I get it , the firearms restricted European market is their prime interest, but to still nothave delivered any to the US market months after European availability is really insulting.

        • Well it won’t be here in time for the holiday season. Umarex seem to have relative indifference to the US market. Maybe at some point other manufacturers will jump in , just as what happened in early Cowboy Action Shooting . The replica makers were on the firing line while Winchester was MIA.

          • Yep, I think Umarex has killed this year’s Ralphie Parker moment. If they are as good as the sample gun I tested, the extra wait is worth it. My hope for 2019 is a weathered finish model.


  6. Since the rifle has been out for close to 6 months in Europe, looking at the Europeans shooting them, they have been battle proven. The weathered finish is available there as well . What Umarex should have done, is since the original design specs were565fps, they should have marketed it for the unrestricted US market. The delay then would have been justified.

  7. Call itindifference or misplaced priorities, Umarex has many models or variations that they never send to theUS. Walther 1894 loop Duke. Nope. Umarex Ace in the Hole was a bb version Colt marked in Europe Peacemaker Texas Ranger, ever see one here? Colt satin nickel Series 70 marked 1911?Colt WW2 weathered Colt, not that one either. And so we wait for the 1894

  8. If Umarex has any plans for future 1894 rifles, they should offer a 26 inch pistol grip , checkered grip and forend sporting rifle with optional tang sight. 16 inch large loopTrapper, 20 inch large loop Rifleman, and of course the Mare’s Laig

  9. Happy New Year
    A New Year visit brought the news that the Cowboy Legends Lever is available in the UK.
    So far it has worked well with no air problems and jamming only because of slow levering.
    More practice needed . Weekend will bring a trip to the range.
    Doubt whether it will be as fast as the Walther.

  10. Out on the range yesterday shooting my Cowboy legends in the company of several centrefire 94s.
    At 25 metres the air rifle held up well even against scopes. I fired 4 rds of centrefire and apart from the recoil could see no advantage in using the firearm for this sort of work. It was still performing well after 66 shots and in temperatures of 6 degrees . In addition it was a fraction of the cost of the £15+ price for centrefire ammo. Fortunately deer killing does not feature in my ambitions so I am very happy with my “toy”.

  11. Six months of this rifle now firing pellets even though my gunshop will not recommend it for anything other than BBs.
    I have had no problems with it at all and would advise anyone to go ahead and purchase it.
    You get a lever action for a fraction of the price to buy and shoot. No bang but because I can use it in my back garden I have been able to fire several thousand rounds already with enough accuracy and power to knock down Walther bird targets at a distance where I can just about make them out with my 73 year old eyes.. Reliability has been nearly 100% with just an occasional pellet stuck in the cartridge as the gas runs out. No gas leaks and still a thrill every time I pull it out of my saddle bucket.

    • Derek

      Another happy customer. This is one of the great CO2 models of all time for western gun fans all over the world. And yes, shoot lead pellets through it with your Colt Peacemaker cartridges, there is no reason not to. Rifling would increase accuracy but the gun is pretty darn good (as you know) with pellets down the smoothbore.



  12. I should keep my big mouth shut!!!.
    My rifle is now back for repair having developed an internal gas leak.
    The shop were tut tutting when they removed a pellet from the barrel saying it was a BB rifle and there could have been a back pressure! However they accepted it and we shall see how long the repair takes. Seems odd its sold as a BB gun but advocated by you and indeed me as a pellet gun but will pellet use avoid the guarantee.Seems to me as a Lawyer that Umarex might well be within their rights to do so saying it was being used for a purpose other than for what it was designed.

    • Back pressure? A banana in the tailpipe? (Beverly Hills Cop). Anyway, Derek, if you have a pellet lodged in the barrel because of low air, don’t send it to the factory. Open the action, use a .177 caliber cleaning rod (Umarex makes them) and push the offending pellet out of the breech end. There is no reason you can’t shoot the 4.5mm pellets using Peacemaker pellet shells in the Cowboy lever action. If you are worried about a 7.0 gr. pellet weight, use 5.25 gr. alloy pellets. As for the internal gas leak, that is one that has not come up. I don’t think Umarex is going to void your warranty for shooting pellet cartridges. The only difference is the rifled barrel. Let me know what they find with the internal gas leak. You are the first one to experience that, at least as a reader who has commented on it. Anyone else?

  13. Got mine in last week. Shoots great with most bbs and good old Crosman wadcutter pellets in SAA silver cartridges. My round count is low(both powerlets are getting pierced and using recommended oil ,had some for my Walther LGV) , thirty good shots then the next ten barely make it to the target. Just for grins I loaded two powerlets and let the gun sit in the closet overnight , by morning all the Co2 had leaked out. Sending it back today, this is the first airgun or anything I have ever had to return to PA.

  14. Heard that the Umarex agents are giving me a new rifle.
    That’s great but maybe its a bit of a problem for Umarex. Is the rifle so hard to strip that a simple sticking valve leads to a replacement? Not good business and the number of parts in the gas system gives a lot of chances for leaks.
    Maybe in future they should be designed to take apart easily so the offending valve can be cleaned and oiled even by the owner.
    Gas leaks are the bane of the CO2 replica community but usually given the availability of the right parts they can be mended fairly easily following a troubleshooting check list.

  15. One solution to the non perforation of both cylinders problem mentioned was a dime placed between the 2 cylinders. Never seen a dime so not sure if a one cent or a one penny will do the same!!!

    • I have used a 20ga. black powder shotgun overshot card, which is about the size of a dime, coated cardboard, so not a metallic object inserted between two CO2 cylinders. It fills a gap and also compresses a bit since it is cardboard, and works just fine for making a tighter fit when it is needed.

  16. Thanks to the great reviews and comments. Ill be receiving mine tomorrow! I already have a Peacemaker with the cartridges that came with it. Plus I bought six more of the brass colored cartridges as extras.

    But I’m still confused about what cartridges (brass or silver) can be used in what gun and with BB and/or pellets…


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