Shopping for the Best Air Rifle: IZH 61 vs. Daisy 953

This side-by-side comparison offers a quick glimpse into some of the differences and similarities between the IZH 61 and the Daisy 953 TargetPro. Take a closer look to discover which of these air rifles is right for you.



The IZH 61

The Daisy 953

Power Plant:
Great for:
490 fps
4.30 lbs.
Target Practice
5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Single-stroke pneumatic
500 fps
6.40 lbs.
Target Practice
4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Taking a closer look at the IZH 61

IZH-61 air rifle

The IZH 61 has become somewhat of a cult-classic. Easy-to-load, easy-to-shoot, and requiring just a little over twelve-pounds of cocking effort, this spring-piston rifle is a great fit for younger shooters. Couple this with the rifle’s hammer forged steel rifle barrel and the IZH 61 offers enough accuracy to satisfy a more advanced shooter.

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Taking a closer look at the Daisy 953

Daisy 953 air rifle

Just the right size for beginning shooters! Daisy's 953 TargetPro is a great choice for those new to the world of air guns. Its singe-stroke design and easy cocking effort make it easy for young adults to control and take aim with confidence.

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IZH 61 vs. Daisy 953: The Bottom Line

The IZH 61 was meant for fun – meaning you can take it plinking, punching targets, and maybe even to some casual shooting competitions. If, however, your plans are pest control, the Daisy 953 can get the job done as long you keep the range within 20 yards.