News Release
For Immediate Release

Senate Bill 199 Passed in California;
Airguns Excluded in New Legislation

CLEVELAND, Ohio, October 5, 2014 - Pyramyd Air, the Internet's largest airgun retailer, and airgun manufacturers are satisfied with the final language of SB199.

Senate Bill 199 was signed into law by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. on September 30, 2014. And while the newly enacted law affects airsoft products, airguns (pellet guns and BB guns) have been completely exempted from this new legislative action.

Senate Bill 199 was introduced in California in late 2013 in response to a tragic shooting of a teenager carrying an airsoft gun. When created, the original SB 199 text would have mandated all airguns and all airsoft guns to be brightly colored.

In response, Pyramyd Air worked with leading airgun manufacturers: Crosman, Remington and Umarex in which we took a firm stance to oppose original bill verbiage and to amend the bill. The industry applauds the sensible decision California legislators made in recognizing the dangers of selling fully colored airguns and not placing very excessive restrictions on retailers and consumers for airsoft guns.

"We are satisfied with the outcome," said Joshua Ungier, CEO of Pyramyd Air. "SB199, while far from ideal for the airsoft guns, still allows for sport to flourish, and completely exempts all airguns from the new requirements. We thank all of our customers who helped contribute to the legal and lobbying costs we incurred to help fight that bill."

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