Featured CO2 Air Guns: Crosman 2240

An ambidextrous CO2 air gun!

Ideal for target practice and plinking, the Crosman 2240 CO2 powered air pistol is a big hit among our customers who are searching for value without sacrificing accuracy. With its bolt-action design for easy cocking and loading, ergonomically designed ambidextrous grip, and accurate rifled steel barrel, this pistol is a great choice for backyard plinking or small pest control.

Key features for the Crosman 2240

The bolt-action reveals a sizeable loading trough, making it easier to load ammo. If you're a lefty, you'll appreciate that this gun is ambidextrous, featuring a thumb-rest on both grip panels. While the rear sight is open and fully adjustable for windage and elevation, you can use the gun with the open sights or get Crosman's 459MT base to mount a scope or red dot sight.

  • CO2
  • .22" caliber
  • Bolt action
  • 460 fps velocity
  • Single shot
  • Adjustable rear sights for windage and elevation
  • 1.81 pounds
Crosman 2240

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Rating the Crosman 2240:

Bottom Line Rating: Available in .22 caliber, this CO2 air pistol is ideal for plinking. Accurate and fun to shoot, when you pick this pistol up, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

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Average Customer Rating: 5.00 out of 5.00 Stars

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