Recommended Accessories: Air Gun Ammo

Not all air gun ammo is created equal. From .177 caliber pellets to metal BBs, your shooting accuracy is directly affected by the ammo you load up on. But if you are new to the world of air guns, or just looking for an easy way to upgrade your shooting performance, how do you know which ammo to choose?

Choosing the Right Air Gun Ammo – from pellets to round balls

Take note that, when it comes to selecting the type of pellet, there is not always a clear, number one choice. While you will need to match the pellet to the bore size of your gun, for the most part selecting the best air gun ammo is strictly a matter of identifying which pellet works best for you.

Identifying the Caliber:

Air gun pellets are available in a number of sizes, ranging from .177 caliber to .50 caliber. Three of the more popular caliber of air gun ammo include:

Identifying Brand

There is no singular air gun ammo brand of choice, but a good rule of thumb is to stick to quality lead pellets or steel BBs from brands such as:

Identifying the Type of Pellet:

While pellets were once primarily cylindrical or round, modern air gunners have found that the diablo-shaped pellet is more efficient and self-stabilizing. Note: Diablo shaped pellets are larger on both ends and thinner at the center.

  • Wadcutter: Identified by their flat noise, the wadcutter is often the air gun ammo of choice for target and competition shooting. With their lightweight design, these pellets are extremely accurate at distances of less than 25 yards.
  • Round Nose: With a round head designed to decrease wind resistance, these pellets are great for hunting and shooting over longer distances.
  • Pointed: Coming to a point on the end, the pointed pellet is the ideal ammo of choice when maximum penetration is required (i.e. hunting small game)
  • Hollow Point: Similar in shape to the wadcutter, the hollow point is designed for hunting over shorter distance when a one-shot kill is ideal.
  • Steel BBs

    Some air guns can shoot either BBs or pellets. This is because they are designed with a special bore that will protect the air gun from damage. Keep in mind that unless you are shooting one of these hybrid guns, you should never shoot steel BBs in a gun designed for pellets.

    The Steel BB: Made of steel, which can result in ricocheting and less accuracy, BB gun ammo is the ideal ammo of choice for the air gun enthusiast who is looking to do a little informal backyard shooting.