Recommended Accessories: Air Gun Targets

Think that air gun target shooting is as simple as setting up a few tin cans in your backyard? Then, you may want to reconsider.

In truth, the types of targets you choose are determined by the specific type of air gun shooting you plan to do. For instance, are you thinking about hunting small game, entering a competitive shooting competition, or simply doing a little backyard plinking? Each of these activities requires a separate set of unique skills, and choosing the right target is imperative to developing those skills.

Paper Air Gun Targets

While some marksmen participate in competitions, others shoot recreationally. Choosing the right target is dependent on whether you are hoping to hone your accuracy or just have fun.

Air Gun Pellet Traps

A bullet trap is designed to stop whatever is shot into it. Targets are hung in front of the trap, and this trap is expected to stop the pellets and BBs that enter it.

Metal Air Gun Targets

Metal targets are perfect for all day target practice. Most of these spinners and knockdown targets are easily resettable from your firing position - meaning you can fire off shot after shot and truly perfect your shooting performance.