Recommended Accessories: Air Gun Accessories for PCP and CO2

Wondering what accessories you will need to keep your new PCP or CO2 gun stocked, loaded and in working condition?

Accessories for your CO2 Gun

Using pressurized, liquefied carbon dioxide, which is stored in a reservoir, CO2 guns offer continuous firing power – meaning the shooter does not have to stop and pump or cock their air gun. Primarily used in air pistols, pellets are capable of reaching 700 feet per second. However, to achieve this type of power, you will need to ensure that you have a good supply of CO2 – This can mean investing in CO2 accessories such as:

Accessories for your PCP Air Gun

Like the CO2 gun, the PCP gun utilizes a reservoir to store the propellant, but instead of CO2, its propellant is pressurized air. These guns offer more firing power than a CO2 or spring-powered air rifle. Of course, when investing in a PCP gun, you will also need a way to fill the gun with air – This can include investing in accessories such as: