So...Pyramyd Air now has an Airsoft blog.  A daily blog in which I plan to talk about my Airsoft feelings, share my Airsoft thoughts (only the appropriate ones) and attempt to educate fellow Airsoft players searching for answers to the many questions that come up on the field and the forums.  Questions like the proverbial, "Which am bezt gun?" and "What upgrades can I do to my gun to make it a really accurate, 550FPS D.M.R. for $100 or less?" or how about, "Will this holster fit my Desert Eagle or Tokyo Marui Mk23 SOCOM pistol?"  Usually, no.  It will not.  Maybe you don't have questions, but are looking to be entertained with reviews of the latest Airsoft product releases?  Well, I'll have some of that here, too.  

It should be noted that this blog is not here purely for my own amusement (only part of it).  It's here for you, the Airsoft enthusiast.  I, myself, am a lover of all things Airsoft.  I think about it just about all day.  I think about it in the shower, when I'm having lunch, and, of course, during work when I'm supposed to be...working.  In fact, I even had a nightmare just the other evening where I was firing one of my favorite M14 AEGs with my cheek resting on the stock, when the MOSFET inside the stock of the rifle blew up, sending electricity into my nearby cheek bones, and somehow breaking my jaw.  Whether or not that's actually possible, I don't know and definitely not the point.  But I woke up feeling upset and in need of an Airsoft hug (Cool story, huh?). So, it would suffice to say that I, in fact, think about Airsoft a lot.  Even when I sleep. 

While my schedule does not always permit, I do try and get out to games as much as I can.  Therefore, I declare that I am not a total chairsofter.  I'm only about 70%.  So I do actually get out and play the game.  Sometimes I play well, and sometimes I play as if my head is stuck in a dark & very unpleasant place.  I belong to a group of avid players and have seen the value, first-hand, of tactical teamwork when it comes to stomping the hopes and dreams, not to mention, dignity out of the OPFOR.  We play to win and try to maintain a pretty high level of integrity while doing so.  Integrity, for those of you that haven't heard, is what I would call a big deal in the game.  I'll be getting into that later though.

I'll be giving quite a few personal opinions within this blog.  You may not agree with those opinions.  I may not agree with yours, but as long as you love Airsoft, then you will probably be welcome to share your thoughts here.  Please feel free to participate in any discussions that may occur in the comments section.  While certainly not required, please also feel free to agree with anything I say.  It helps my ego.

You might be wondering who I am.  Well, I'm just a dude who loves guns.  Airsoft guns, in particular.  I've been actively playing for several years now, and within that amount of time I've spent countless hours, accumulating into weeks, researching different aspects of the game including, but not limited to, how to build a better gun or how to set up my load out in a practical manner so that I can actually function when I'm out on the field.  I've learned that as much fun as it is to look "tactical hot," the look of your load out doesn't always translate to being practical in a skirmishing environment.

I realize that there are plenty of guys out there that think they know more than me, and there are certainly some who DO know more than me about Airsoft stuff.  Make no mistake.  I do NOT profess to know it all about Airsoft.  I've got a metric ton left to learn, but I do know more than some, and am always willing to learn more.  So if there's an aspect or area of my articles that are lacking accurate info or could use a bit (or a lot) of improvement, please feel free to speak up.  Get involved in the discussion.  That's why there's a comments section.  My goal here is to elevate the general Airsoft public's knowledge-level and understanding of the different elements that make up this great hobby.

I suppose maybe I should think about wrapping up my ramblings for now, but not before I thank a few people.  First off, thanks to the fine folks at Pyramyd Air for allowing me this opportunity to write.  2nd, thanks to my wife, for her encouragement, patience, and tolerance of my obsession with Airsoft.  Big shout out to my brother, who introduced me to Airsoft, and finally, to my Airsoft mentors (yes, I have more than one): Mike, Denis, and Dave.  They have taught me more than they realize about a great many things, inside and out of the Airsoft world.

Now, enough of the emotional garbage. 

I will temporarily leave you with this thought (stay tuned for more):


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