Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Website

You know what? The U.S. division of Kuan Ju Works (KJW) and has finally got their website up and running. And it's nice.

It's got their current line of pistols and rifles, as well as some pretty sweet wallpapers you can download in various screen resolutions. That's not the only thing that's nice, either. The guns they're producing are pretty nice as well. Whether you're interested in their well-known M700 gas sniper rifle or their expanding line of high quality pistols, I would have to say that KJW makes a nice product. Now, granted, with their sniper rifle, it's more of a base platform that you use to upgrade for accuracy, but it's certainly a nice alternative to the more expensive Tanaka series which you would still need to perform most of the same procedures.

As far as their pistols are concerned, I've actually got a few headed my direction that I will be reviewing, so keep an eye out for that. I've used their Beretta as my secondary several years and was very pleased with it's performance and reliability. I also had zero issues with leaky mags, which is always a plus. So I am looking forward to reviewing their newer models.

One item I'd particularly like to highlight is their 1911 MEU that's slated for release soon. 10 points if you can guess when.

Yea.  That right there does it for me.  I am a big fan of the MEU and for them to put a model with a metal body and pretty decent internals is just lovely.  Plan on me owning one. 

Another item that I'd like to check out is their hi-capa race gun, that looks to be like a Western Arms Xcelerator model with a Kimber Desert Warrior-style grip for double stack mags.

I'm a huge fan of race guns and plan to cover them in the future.  This looks to be a nice setup and like their other models, comes standard with a metal slide.

KJW has got a very nice line of Berettas in several variations.

My favorite?


HELLO!?!?!  That's just good lookin'.  Fact.

A close second is going to be this one:

To be fair to the Sig lovers out there, KJW has a very attractive option for you as well.

This is one I'll be reviewing soon in case you were interested in seeing how she performs before dropping the cash.

With all that, you can see that KJW came to play with the big boys.  They're making some nice stuff, and that's not even all of it.


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