Let's see a show of hands.  How many of you out there have a particular gun that is very near and dear to your heart?  Maybe it's the only one you have.  Maybe you have several, but one in particular that shoots very tight groupings at borderline unbelievable distances?  Now let me ask you this: what do you transport it in, to and from games?  Do you have a case for it?  If so, is it a hard or soft case?  Or better yet, do you roll up to the field with your old Fender Stratocaster guitar bag that you're now using as a "rifle bag?"  If the latter is true, or even if you have an actual rifle bag to transport your gun, maybe it's time to think about protecting your prized possession a little bit better without breaking the bank in the process.

Enter the Plano Gun Guard AW Double-Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case (Model 108190).

In the event you were wondering what "AW" stands for, I would have you believe that it stands for "Awesome Weapon," which is what you would store in a case of this caliber, but in fact it stands for "All Weather."  Which is almost as cool a name.  

Here's a glam shot or two (notice how the case works the camera).

The exterior dimensions are 54.625" x 15.5" x 6"
The interior dimensions are 52" x 13" x 5.25"

You can see I've got a full-size SRC RPK in there with a WE SCAR GBB, Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa and an assortment of magazines.  I suppose if I wanted to give it a bit more thought, I could rearrange things in there a bit and be able to fit even more goodies in there.  This is, of course, without having to cut out the foam.  However, if I were to cut out the foam, rest assured I would take much more care and thought in how I arrange my stuff.  If you don't want to deal with the hassle of cutting the foam, the case will still close with your stuff lying on top of the foam, just as it is in the image above.   

Let me go on record by saying the more I stare at this case, the more I fiddle around with it, the more I love it.  Some of you may be familiar with Pelican and Hardigg Storm Cases.  The Plano AW Case is a very comparable case in features and quality, however, the advantage goes to Plano when it comes to cost and to me, cost is a big advantage when all else is relatively equal.   

You may be curious as to what some of those features are that I speak of.  For starters, the case uses Plano's trademark Dri-Loc system around the outer diameter of the case to provide a weather-tight seal.

Heavy duty wheels for ease of transport.

Rugged, thick wall construction (ignore the non-tactical sweatpants).  You should NOT ignore the fact that I clock in at 6'6" 245 lbs and that is, in fact, me standing on this case.  It's such a beast!!!  While I have no doubt, I could most likely cause some damage to either the case and/or the case's contents if I were to jump on it, just having me standing on it did relatively nothing to its structural integrity. 

Pad lock tabs for airline travel or security when left in the parking lot with the rest of your stuff during events.  

The spring-assisted, dual-stage latches also have built in locks for added security.  This makes it  more difficult for the ne'er-do-wells to get your stuff, and can discourage potential theft altogether. 

The Dri-Loc feature creates an air tight seal around your gun.  When atmospheric pressures get involved during travel to differing elevations, the space inside the case become pressurized and can make it difficult to open the case in this condition.  Like Pelican and Storm Cases, Plano has added a pressure-release valve on the front of the case to equalize the pressure, allowing the user to open the case.  While unintelligible in my borderline worthless photograph, use of a flat-head screwdriver is required to manipulate the valve open or closed.  

The Plano AW case comes with two sheets of high-density foam in the base and an egg-crate style soft foam in the lid.  The high-density foam can be cut out to fit your gear snug and securely, also as seen done with Pelican & Storm models.  

  • The Cost/Benefit Ratio here is favorable to you, the end-user.  The Plano AW Double Rifle Case is $129 + Free Shipping @  Pyramyd Air.  Compare that to the Pelican or the Storm options and I think you'll find the Plano is a phenomenal value.  
  • Extremely Sturdy (Like a Boss).
  • You can custom fit your guns & gear in the foam.
  • Foam is Replaceable in the event you screw up your custom fitting.
  • Wheels for those that can't man up and carry their own gear.
  • Plenty of space for two guns and a few accessories.

  • One Color (Pelican & Storm offer at least one other color)
  • Handle placement makes right-side latch somewhat difficult to get to.
  • I only have one of these (for now). 

I would absolutely recommend this case to anyone looking for a high-quality protective case that will keep your Airsoft guns & accessories safe from various kinds of damage including water, wind & dirt.


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