So long story short: I've been experiencing some unfortunate leakage lately.

Also, R&M stands for Repairs & Maintenance. Think about it.

But I digress.

Back to my leakage issues. I have been having trouble keeping my gas in. It's pretty upsetting. I should specify: this isn't a personal issue. I'm referring to my pistol mags. I have multiple gas blowback pistol magazines that are leaking gas out through the large o-ring at the base of each mag. Oddly, all the mags having this issue are made by Tokyo Marui. My WE gas magazines are fine thus far.  I'm not saying that ALL Marui mags have this problem, but like I said in yesterday's blog post, just pointing out that nobody's perfect.  Even Tokyo Marui.   

So I did some thinking. I took an inventory of tools and supplies that I had in my Airsoft workshop and a light bulb turned on (in my head) when I remembered that I had just picked up some Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE aka Teflon) paste from my local hardware store. I was actually in there hunting down some flux paste for my soldering needs and happened to stumble across the paste and thought, "Hmmmmmmm, this could be useful someday." I didn't have any specific plans for it at the time, but I like to be prepared and it definitely paid off here. My brother's Eagle Scout training has rubbed off a smidge on me a bit over the years, although I can still barely tie a square knot.  I'm off on a tangent again.  So the PTFE paste.  I'm such a fan of Teflon, I even updated my Facebook status once to tell all my homies about how much I love it.  Nobody "liked" my status though, which was lame.  Anyway.  So I got the paste, grabbed one of the mags suffering from the unfortunate and embarrassing leakage issue, and went to work.  I tried to take a few pics to show you lovely readers just how easy this was (or was supposed to be***).  The mag I grabbed happened to be for a Marui M9 Beretta (The Resident Evil one, in fact).

The first task is to simply pop the two retention pins out, located near the base of the mag.  

***This task actually proved to be an absolute PAIN.  Those pins were stuck in there pretty good.  HOWEVER, I was not about to let two measly pins get in the way of my glory.  After some finagling and finessing, I just decided to get the vice grip pliers out and cut the nonsense.  Success.  I was able to get them out.  In hind sight, I made this more difficult than it had to be.  Typical Me. 

Next, remove the base plate.

Then I got out the PTFE paste and applied a thin lining around the entire o-ring (which was actually square-shaped, not a circular ring).  Just a little factoid for you.

So once I applied the paste all around the o-ring/square, I then simply inserted the base-plate back into the body of the magazine, pushed the two body pins back in and immediately filled up the mag with gas to test my work.

Let's just say, I am no longer experiencing leakage. Threat neutralized. Mission Complete. End of Story. Goodbye. The End.


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