Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks but no thanks.

Let's just say that I'm not looking forward to these things showing up on the Airsoft field.  You'll see about halfway through the video that poor Jim gets a taste of this electric shock knife at its full dosage.  He does not appear too pleased.  

I don't know about any of you out there, but I just don't know that having these knives out on the battlefield is going to be a good thing. I see a lot of strong type-A personalities out on the field that I doubt would respond too well if someone not only snuck up on them to get the knife kill, but on top of being already startled, they receive some level of electrical voltage direct to the body. Yea, knifekiller's probably going home with a black eye OR WORSE after that stunt.

Don't get me wrong, I get the concept and I see the value in them for training purposes, but for use in a game where there are strangers vs. strangers playing a game, incorporating these knives into game play could turn very ugly, very fast.

On the other hand, if your situational awareness is so bad that you allow yourself to get knife killed, then maybe you deserve to get a little jolt.  I've played at a number of venues, both indoor and outdoor and have yet to see a field or facility where you can't audibly detect someone getting that close to you without having plenty of time to react.   However, I realize that there are a lot of places I've never played and a lot of situations I've never been in and I do respect that fact that knife kills DO occur.  If you've got a particularly swell story of how you got one or if you were witness to one, would you be willing to share it with our little group here?  Also welcome to discuss, are the victims of knife kills.  How did that affect your ego?  Did your therapy bill go up as a result of getting killed in game by a knife?  Tell me.  I want to hear about it.  I'm hear to listen.  Talking about it can be very therapeutic.  Think of me as your Airsoft therapist.  Let us begin the emotional healing process so that you can get back out to that field amongst your peers and play with confidence again.  I would imagine your self-esteem takes quite a blow.  I'm just messing around here, don't get all offended.  But seriously.  Let's hear some sweet Airsoft knifing stories.  I know there are some out there.  Post 'em up. 

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