Monday, March 15, 2010

What in the World? (of Airsoft)

So every now and then, something pops up on the news radar that makes me say, "Whoa, that's pretty sweet."

The recent video of a prototype UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) put out by MADBULL made me say just that.  I had already heard rumblings of such a development awhile ago, but never heard anything more about it until now, so I decided that I wouldn't believe it until I saw it.  Well, check this video out:

It's ALIVE!!!!

MADBULL provided these brief specs:

  • GPS located.
  • Up in the Air 20 mins
  • Uses MadBull LFP battery
  • RF data transfer
  • This is a prototype

It still remains to be seen what this thing is going to do while up in the air, but if I had to take a purely wild guess, I'd imagine it would do at least one of two things:

A) Perform recon missions through the use on an on-board image-capturing device (still-frame or video camera).
B) Perform attack missions through the use of an on-board weapon firing our beloved 6mm projectiles. This is probably more than wishful thinking at this point, but I’m until I see otherwise, I’m going to speculate on the wonderful possibility.

If they truly wanted to rock my socks, they would do both, but I would guess that would jump the retail price of this device up into the stratosphere.  However, I'd love to be wrong here. 

Bottom line is, I'm excited for the potential for greatness here.  MADBULL usually puts out a pretty nice product, so this could add a whole new element to Mil-Sim operations as we know them.

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