Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Straight Airsoft Gun Talk

I don't know who this Brian-From-Echo1 guy is, but I DO know that he's holding a very good looking rifle. Apparently, it's a new AK47 from Echo1 and I want it. Watch the video.

This thing looks to be on par with their Platinum M4 AEG, which is also a very nice rifle.

Looking at the internal ingredients list they have at the end of the video, I am seeing many parts that I would normally want to reinforce/replace in other AEGs. However, it looks like they've already gone through and done so for us, which is nice because that saves the time of having to take the thing apart and do all the upgrades yourself, AND you don't necessarily have to spend the extra cash buying those aftermarket parts. Now, is that to say that maybe there might be some better options for inner barrels or hop-up buckings out there, for example? Absolutely. But if you're on a budget or just don't like the hassle of upgrading guns, this would probably be another nice candidate for you.

Speaking of nice rifle candidates, here's a sneak peak of just SOME of the guns I'll be reviewing in the very near future.

Like Jay-Z said once or twice, "I got 99 problems" but an Airsoft gun ain't one. 

From left to right, there is the ICS Smith & Wesson M&P15, VFC H&K416 CQB, Cybergun Galil SAR, ICS AK74, G&G MP5 SD5, and a KWA H&KMP7 Gas Blowback.

Like I said, those are just some of the items on the agenda for review, if any of those items are of particular interest to you, let me know and maybe I might bump it up ahead of the others in the queue line for you.  Maybe.

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