Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More WE M14 GBB News!!!!

For those of you living under a rock, WE has been developing an M14 Gas Blowback Rifle. 

Here are the videos:

Test firing the M14:

A view of the bolt system:

Working the SOCOM receiver action:

Here are the most recent videos that have surfaced, wherein there is more test-firing that occurs.

While there are a number of questions and comments on the video comment threads, I decided to sum up the important stuff here so that you don't become one of those idiots who asks the same question that ten or more people before you have already asked, despite receiving the same answer each time.  Definition of insanity, anyone? 

Here's an interesting situation:

"WEairsoft (uploader): Our M14 will be 100% mil-spec, so any existing RS M14 stocks will fit with little or no modifications."

3 Versions Projected:
"WEairsoft (uploader): Too early to tell right now, there will definitely be a long (original version) & a short (possibly the SOCOM version) variant on initial release ... & I'm talking weeks, not months guys ;-)
WEairsoft (uploader): There will be an EBR version available :)"

Look what's on the table in this video:

And this one, too.  An even better look:

New Hop-Up Design:
"WEairsoft(uploader): The M14 hop up design is brand new indeed!!"

Green Gas & C02 Compatible:
"WEairsoft (uploader): yes, there will be a Co2 mag; that's our signature design: ALL our AWSS platforms are both green gas & Co2 compatible."

I personally spoke with James via email recently, who informed me that the WE M14 is scheduled for release at the end of May or the first part of June.

More Guns On the Horizon (including an MP5 and Browning Hi-Power, which is seen at the end of the 2nd video):
  • "ltfenix2000: Also, are you guys going to be working on the MP5 series, soon?
    What WWII weapons are you guys going to make?... Is there going to be a Thompson in the future? :D
  • WEairsoft (uploader): Yes. Yes. STEN.
  • WEairsoft (uploader): oooops....may be that is saying a bit too much... ;-)"

One question that seems to get repeated by a multitude of oblivious posters on the videos and a few forums is:

"Will the M14 have a functioning bolt stop/catch feature like the real steel version?"

The answer is and always has been, "YES."  Good Lord, people.  Read the stinkin thread before you post!

Sniper Platforms MAY be in the Works As Well:

"WEairsoft (uploader): Yes, indeed the sniper platform (any) is in our consideration at the moment. We have already created a proprietary GBB sniper system (different than anything else out there) ready to be used in whatever sniper platform we decided to fabricate. Ever feel the kick of a .50BMG? Well...that's may be bit too exaggerated :) Anyway... I can only say: Anything is possible!"

James from WETTI has been extremely impressive in his ability to listen to the market.  He is active on a number of forums and tries to answer as many questions as he can, personally.  This type of manufacturer interaction is rare.  Ben Noji of US-Based PolarStar Airsoft & the distributor for my favorite EdGI inner barrels is another one who comes to mind as someone who seems to pay attention to the needs of the market.

If you're interested in seeing the WE M14 GBBR reviewed as soon as it comes out and before you buy it, I think I may be able to you help you out in that department.  So keep checking into the blog here for updates.  I also heard a rumor that Pyramyd plans to carry this rifle, so you won't have to order it from overseas and pay ridiculous shipping costs, nor worry about incompetent Customs & ATF officials.   Like I said, stay tuned.


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