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- Loading the WE Gas Blowback Magazines & Bolt-Lock Switch

So by now, for those that have seen the WE M4 & PDW reviews, or own any of their WE GBB rifles, you've no doubt seen the "Speed Loader" that comes with the gun. Yea...this thing is stupid. I'm not quite sure what WE had in mind with this thing, but it is anything but speedy.

Here it is, in all its fail-ness.

For those that are unfamiliar with this thing, you load 15 BB into the tube at one time, place the square-tipped end over the mag lips, and use the separate plunger thing to shove the BBs into the mag.  This is the theory anyway.  It's failure comes when it gets to the applied sciences department.  Sometimes I can get it to work, but not all 15 BBs.  Maybe 6 BBs, then it gets stuck again.  Stupid. 

I tried three different methods to loading these mags:
- The WE "fail-loader."

- Loading by hand, one BB at a time.

- Traditional Speed Loader

I found that loading by hand, one BB at a time was easier to deal with and quite possibly quicker than using the WE loader. But by far, the best option was to use a more typical speed loader that many of us have. However, it requires a quasi-special technique which I will attempt to illustrate for you now with the use of a photographic image. Gaze upon it and be amazed.

Place your finger against the back of the mag lips like so. This will prevent BBs from popping out the back there, when loading them with the speed loader.

Place the speed loader on top of the mag lips, while your finger is in place, then start shoving the BBs down into the mag like you would for any of your AEG mid- or low-cap mags.  P.S. I'm sorry this picture stinks.  My camera was experiencing a failure to cooperate.  This was as good as I could get it. 

It occurred to me that there may actually be a little adapter piece that came with my speed loader that essentially performs the same task as my finger does in this instance, however, after looking for it a bit, I gave up (rather easily, actually) and decided that my tutorial would stay as is. However, if you have this piece or you know what I'm talking about, it might make the process even easier than it already is when using this method.

When you get to the point where it feels like you can only load one more BB in, but you have to kind of force it, stop. Don't load it. You will probably not be able to fully insert the mag into the mag well and get it to click into place. It's hard to explain, but because of the way the air nozzle sits inside the cylinder, you need just a bit of room in the magazine for the spring to be able to compress against the nozzle.

Another feature that needs to be mentioned about the WE gas magazines is the switch to enables the bolt to lock back after you've fired the last BB in the mag.  You can toggle between locking the bolt back and allowing the gun to dry fire.  While no practical reason for this comes to mind, I still think it's cool to have the option.  Even if that option might not serve any real purpose.

Also, in case you are not real "detail-oriented" and have missed the part about this rifle utilizing 30-round mags, then let me inform you now that the WE Mk16 GBB Airsoft Rifle uses 30-round magazines.  This is the only type of magazine available.  I suggest you buy additional mags.  Thinking you're going to go out and play a game for any length of time with 30 rounds and last the entire game is foolish and absurd.  This is Airsoft.  Airsoft guns are inherently inaccurate, this gun being no exception.  You'll need extra mags.  Here's a link to the Pyramyd page for ordering info: WE 30-Round GBB Mags. It's my understanding that these mags will also work in your WE M4 & PDW Gas Blowback rifles, but please correct me if I'm wrong. 

- Chrono

Here are the results I got using an Xcortech Chronograph, 10 shots each with the hop-up turned all the way off.

.20g TSD White BBs  .20g Air Venturi BBs   .27g Bioval BBBMax BBs  .30g Bioval White BBs
Avg FPS: 447.88
High FPS: 454
Low FPS: 441
Spread: 13
Avg FPS: 439.89
High FPS: 447.9
Low FPS: 425
Spread: 22.9
Avg FPS: 386.57
High FPS: 407.3
Low FPS: 365
Spread: 42.3
Avg FPS: 374.01
High FPS: 384.5
Low FPS: 362.4
Spread: 22.1

As you can see, this thing comes shooting like a hot little potato right out of the box.  For some, like myself, this is sweet because I have a large outdoor field that I play at regularly that allows guns above 400fps as long as they're kept on semi-auto.  However, there are a large number of fields that do NOT allow guns over 400 fps to be on the field, so what do those people do?  They can an adjustable nozzle system that will allow them to turn down the heat to a field-compliant velocity.  I will go into a smidge more detail in the fourth and final installment of this "WExtravaganza." 

Using .20 Air Venturi BBs, I tested the rate of fire of the SCAR when switched to Full Auto.

I got a whopping 12 rounds per second.   Not exactly a real ROF Monster, but not really what it's designed for either.

Given the 30-round magazines that these things use, it's probably not the most practical method of operation.  You might consider running this thing on semi, in the interest of conserving your ammo.

Part 4 will include my groupings results at 30 meters along with some customization options and a wrap-up summary of this whole mess I call a review.  Stay tuned, it'll be here before you can shake a stick 1,000 times or 24 hours, whichever comes sooner.

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