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- Groupings -

For today's testing, I picked a target (a tree about 1-2 feet wide) that I lasered at 50 meters using my very sexy Newcon Optik Laser Range Finder Monocular.  I filled each of my Mk16 mags with 15 rounds of a different BB weight (one weight class per mag), to get an idea of which one would be ideal for the groupings test.  I already knew which weight would be my winner but in the interest of fairness, I gave the others a chance.  I began with the TSD and Air Venturi .20g BBs firing on semi-auto from a free-standing shooting position, wherein I discovered an unexpected issue: the way that the nozzle chambers a BB causes part of the BBs to get shaved off, resulting in wild fliers, going in all kinds of different directions.  This, as you can assume, is no bueno.  Then I tried the Bioval .30g White BBs, and had similar results, although the issue seemed to be less with these.  I could tell that the BBs were getting shaved off because there were little tiny shavings inside of the magwell when I removed the mag.  I failed to take a picture of this, but trust me, they were there.  I inspected the inside of the magwell to see if I could spot where the problem might be that is causing the issue.  My sneaking suspicion lies with the edge of the brass cylinder, where the BB enters the chamber from the mag.  It appeared to have an edge quite possibly sharp enough to cause little fragments of the BBs to get shaved off in the process of firing.

Enter the notoriously hard, Bioval .27g BBBMax transparent BBs.  I thought to myself, "Self, let's see how these things hold up."  So I inserted the mag with the .27s and fired a few shots on semi at my target.  Boom.  Head shot.  That is to say that if the tree was a person and had a head, it probably would have been hit.  While there were a few fliers (2 or 3 out of the 15), the accuracy was substantially improved.  So much so that I felt I could complete my test.  Because of certain issues regarding the location of the original target that I won't specify, I opted to set up my official groupings test using a different target at a different range.      

The details of my test of the WE Mk16 were as follows:
Range: 30 meters (32.81 yards)

View through my sweet Ranger Finder

***The answer is most definitely yes, I DID, in fact, move the BBQ propane tank out of harms way PRIOR to actually firing any shots.***

I am sorry to deny you of a phenomenal flaming opportunity.

Target Dimensions: 8.5"x11" VisiColor Paper Target clipped to Champion Heavy Duty Metal Trap

I reloaded my mag with 15 Bioval .27g BBs, gave it a fresh burst of propane and fired away while on one knee.  I completely missed on the first three shots (didn't have the hop-up set quite right), but once I found the mark, the remaining 12 shots can be seen on target below. 

9.5" Grouping (from a kneeling position)
Fliers a bit more visible in this shot.

At 30 meters, this 8.5"x11" paper target is a lot smaller than I imagined.  I'm pretty happy with the results, considering the rifle has a heavy recoil kick, I was not using a bench rest or any type of stabilization assistance while in the kneeling position, nor was I using an optical sight like a red dot or mil-dot scope. 

It would also be important to note that while I realize there are a number of you that will turn your noses up at 9.5" inch groupings, all twelve of those hits would have resulting in a kill on an opponent. 

- Custom Mods & Accessorizing -

Externally speaking...
As you can see below, with picatinny rails on top, bottom and the sides of the WE Mk16, there is plenty of real estate to clutter it up with all kinds of goodies that may or may not serve a purpose other than just looking tactical hot. The flash hider is a standard-sized 14mm counter clockwise (CCW), so your favorite aftermarket CCW flash hiders and mock suppressors will fit just fine.    

Since the upper receiver comes standard in CNC aluminum, there is no need to purchase an aftermarket reinforced body kit.  

Internally speaking...

RA-Tech NPAS Kit for the WE Mk16 is probably the way to go if you've only got access to fields with strict velocity limits.  This Negative Pressure Air System (aka NPAS) kit will allow you to adjust your velocity down to within your field's legal limit to play.  I am not aware of any other kit that does this currently, but that is not to say that another one does not exist.  If there are other options that exist, let me know and I'll mention them here.  Here's a shot of the kit, taken from the RA-Tech website.

A little note regarding integrity here.  Since this is an adjustable kit, there isn't really much stopping you from readjusting your velocity back up above your field limits once you pass chrono.  Don't be a jerk.  If you need to cheat to feel like you have the advantage over your opponents, then I've got a reality check for you: you suck and need to improve upon your tactics & shooting skills.  Your field places those limits in effect for safety reasons.  Please take that into consideration and think about how your actions affect the person on the receiving end of your rifle.  Don't be that guy.  You ruin it for everyone if you are.  *Steps down from soap box*   

Here's the video of the NPAS kit installation process and demonstration of its functionality. 

As far as other internal mods are concerned, there seem to be a number of replacement parts available, made by various companies, again RA-Tech being the main company that I'm aware of making quality CNC aluminum parts.  WE also offers replacement parts.  If you get into a situation where something breaks and you're in need of a replacement part or if you just want to upgrade a certain part, refer to your user manual that came with the Mk16.  It maps out all the parts and assigns them numbers.  You will see the replacement parts listed on dealer websites using their part number that corresponds with the number assigned in the user manual.  I like this.  It's helpful.  Trust me.    

- Overall Pros and Cons -
  • CNC body.
  • Very little wobble or loose-fitting body parts.  Very solid and sturdy rifle.
  • Strong recoil makes it very fun to shoot.
  • Short trigger pull
  • Accuracy is plenty good enough to take it out for a skirmish and get some nice kills.
  • Replacement and performance upgrade parts are available 
  • Take-down or disassembly of this rifle is one of the easiest I've had to deal with. 
  • Ambidextrous controls (fire selector, mag release button, bolt handle, & rear sight adjustment)
  • Chicks will probably be more likely to talk to you if you roll out to the field with this rifle (This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA).

    • Hop-up is somewhat difficult to access and adjust.  
    • Pretty particular about the BBs it likes to use.
    • Velocity right out of the box will prohibit the rifle's use at some fields unless the adjustable NPAS kit is installed. 
    • Probably won't be the best option for you in the winter time because Green Gas/Propane doesn't do too well in the cold.  

    Until further notice, I'm a definite fan of the WE Mk16 gas blowback rifle.  It really does it for me.  I am not sure if I've mentioned this enough yet, so I'll say it again:  It's very fun to shoot.  Its accuracy is respectable enough to take out to a field and play with, provided you're using the right BB (see my comments on the Bioval .27g BB above).  You can pick one up from Pyramyd Air at a very reasonable price that includes free shipping (get extra mags though) and be on your way to a good time.  This rifle receives my metaphorical seal of Airsoft approval.  


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