I think it's time to shed some light on some new additions to the Pyramyd Airsoft Catalog. Look at some of this stuff.

For example, the new TSD/WE Gas Blowback Pistols with Caspian Trades.  I slashed the brand names because the guns are distributed by TSD and come in a TSD box, but WE is the OEM (original equipment manufacturer).  TSD just rebranded the WE guns under their name.  At the own end of the day, they are still the same ol' WE guns that we all know and love. 

These hot ladies have been spending quality time laying out in the sun, gettin' their bronze on.  Check out their hot-body tans.

Airsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd AirAirsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd AirAirsoft, WE 1911 MEU, Caspian, Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd has also restocked a number of their other WE Caspian GBB pistols.  I suggest you check them out to see what's back in stock. 

Here are a couple of other notable items to check out...

If you've been having a hard time finding a retailer that carries the
KWA HK MP7 Gas Blowback Submachine Gun
Airsoft, KWA, HK, MP7, Submachine Gun, CQB, Pyramyd Air.....
Then go ahead and send a thank you card over to Pyramyd Air.  Nothing says quality gas guns like KWA and their MP7 is no exception.  Great for CQB applications OR, with a few upgrades, the savvy Airsoft tech can get this thing into a viable outdoor long range platform as well.  Versatility.  Who doesn't love that?!?!

For you spring sniper rifle fans looking for a sweet deal, check out the Echo1 ASR (Advanced Sniper Rifle).
Airsoft, Echo1, ASR, Advanced Sniper Rifle, Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle, Pyramyd Air

Here's the upgrade kit for all you tinkerers and tuners out there.  Echo1 ASR Upgrade Kit

Now.  Here's a special item.
You'll have to be patient, but if this VFC Gas Blowback Rifle anything like the quality of the VFC AEGs, I would expect "big thangz" (see what I did there?) from this rifle.  If you're like me and prefer to get awesome information as soon as it becomes available, then I'll show you a little "sumthin" about Pyramyd's website.  If the product is out of stock, you have the option of getting an email notification within 24 hours of the item arriving in stock.  There's a link on the product page to do this.
No, it's not a joke.  Pyramyd has added several legit AEG rifles from Classic Army to their catalog recently, including this...

One word, one abbreviation, six syllables:

Dragunov SVD
Airsoft, Classic Army, Dragunov, SVD, Airsoft Sniper Rifle AEG, Pyramyd Air

SVD = Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle.
(if you can't guess what language that's in, then you need slap yourself)

Thank you, Modern Firearms website people.  This AEG Sniper Rifle is very accurate and very attractive.  Two of my favorite attributes to look for in an Airsoft gun. Stay tuned for the official review. 

I'd also like to highlight the uber-sexy new M14 EBR Scout from Classic Army
Airsoft, Classic Army, M14, EBR Scout, designated marksman rifle Airsoft AEG, Pyramyd Air
I suggest you man up before attempting to operate the snot out of that rifle. The EBR (which stands for Enhanced Battle Rifle) is generally regarded as being a beast to carry because of its solid metal body composition. I would expect nothing less from Classic Army.

Now, I realize those rifles may not fall within everyone's budget.  No worries.  Check out the Classic Army Sportline collection (scroll to the bottom).  Same high quality Classic Army stuff, they simply utilitize ABS plastic receivers instead of metal bodies like their higher-end counterparts.  Although, it would be important to note that Pyramyd DOES carry a metal body CA Sportline M4 as well if you're just dying for a more realistic weight to your AEG but need to watch your costs.

So anyway, like I was saying, there is more than one way to skin a cat.    Wait...what?

To be honest, I didn't feel like making a big ol' giant "conclusionary" paragraph (I love to make up words, get over it), so I just said something random.

Bottom line: Pyramyd Air is adding more and more goodies to their catalog.  In fact, I have it on good authority that they'll be adding a bunch of KWA stuff among many other cool things very soon.  So keep an eye out on their website, or just follow my blog here because I will definitely be discussing more about that line of Airsoft guns and others in the future for shizzle.

For now, remember this...

If you're going through hell, don't you worry. Airsoft will prevail. 

What the devil is the difference between the Classic Army M15A4 Carbine 2009 Version and the Classic Army M15A4 Carbine "Not-2009 Version?"

Well...I aim to show you in this installment of my succulent Airsoft blog.

Actually, when I originally planned this review, I had a working CA M15A4 Carbine "Not-2009 Version," but since that time I had ripped it apart and not had time to put it back together due to babies being born, a full-time day job and .  So I'm just going to tell you about the Not-2009 Version and show you the 2009 Version.  The Not-2009 Version is not nearly as cool as the 2009 Version anyway because the 2009 Version is new, and science states that newer is pretty much always better.  It's science.

Let's take a look at a few pics.  I'm not going to spoil their beauty by adding my annoying monologue.  Just look.  Drink it in.

Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG

Ok.  That's all the silence I can afford you.  I need the spotlight back on me.

As I've stated in other blog entries, my two favorite M15A4/M4-Style AEGs are the Echo1 Platinum M4 and the Classic Army M15A4 Carbine.  They're both solid rifles in their own regard, and very comparable in both features and quality.  You can find my review of the Echo1 Platinum M4 here: Pyramyd Airsoft Echo1 Platinum M4 Review. But let's focus on the Classic Army model for a bit.  These next two photos are pretty much just body shots, because let's face it, who doesn't love a good body shot?
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG

Wow.  There's a lot going on in this photo.  Let's work our way from the top down, starting with the carry handle.  You might notice to the two large knobs at the base of the carry handle.  Those loosen to allow the carry handle to be removed.  Removing the carry handle exposes the rail system underneath, giving the shooter the option of mounting a set of optics to the gun.
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft 
Guns, Airsoft AEG
When I say optics, I mean an illuminated dot sight (aka red dot, e.g ACOG, Aimpoint-style, or Eotech holosight-style), NOT a full-on, magnified scope for long-range rifles.  Of course, who I am to tell you what to do?  If you think your carbine rifle would look like the bees knees with one of these:

Then by all means, scope your heart out.  But be prepared to be judged unfavorably, ridiculed and/or a combination of both behind your back when you bring that thing out to the field. 

But let's get back on track here. Going back to the image above, detailing the left side of the rifle's upper & lower receivers, you can also see the bolt release button (which actually releases the bolt cover), the charging handle (which actually pulls the bolt cover back when you wish to adjust the hop-up), and the fire selector switch (which, as you should already know, allows the shooter to toggle the rifle between safe, semi-, and full-auto firing modes). 

Now you may be wondering about the differences between this latest version, dubbed by Classic Army as the "2009 Version" vs. their older version of the same rifle.  Remember that talk about a a functional bolt release button?   No?  You should probably get checked for Attention Deficit Disorder because I literally just discussed it in the last paragraph.  Anyway, the bolt release button was just for looks in the old version of the M15A4 Carbine whereas now, it functions.  CA really went all out there. 

This next pic shows off the trades and stuff on the right side of the gun.  Special note: the "Made in Hong Kong" sticker located below the ArmaLite, Inc. trade writing is removable.  Just like pretty much all stickers.  Weird. 
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG
You can also see that I've gone and pull the charging handle back, exposing the hop-up dial.  The forward assist button underneath the charging handle is just for looks.  I'd also like to point out there that there is an adjustable iron sight built into the carry handle.  Wind-age and elevation can be accounted for.  

Here's a little bit closer look.  Notice that black ring between the hand guard and the upper?  That's the D-Ring and when pulled back towards the receiver, allows the two halfs of the hand guard (top and bottom) to be removed so that you can store your battery inside there.  It's pretty limited space.  You'll need a small battery like an 8.4v AEG Battery or a 9.6v Nunchuck AEG battery with a low mAh rating in order to fit inside the hand guard.  
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG
Here's a better look at the hop-up dial.  This is another area that CA made some improvements to.  In my opinion, they should have completely re-designed the whole thing to use less of those little gears you see, but there is still some improvement over the older models in terms the material they used to make the plastic gears with.  When you turn the large adjustment dial at the bottom, the gears turn easier and don't seem nearly as flimsy as the older version. 
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG

Here's a shot from that has little purpose in this review.  However, I chose to include it anyway.
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG

Nothing too exciting here, either.  Just a shot inside the magwell with the hop-up chamber's BB entry tube visible, along with the gray metal gearbox.
Classic Army, M15A4 Carbine, Airsoft Guns, Airsoft AEG

Speaking of the gearbox, let's talk a tick about that.  It's a generally-known fact that the M4-style Airsoft AEG rifles utilize the common version 2 gearbox, with Classic Army AEGs being no exception.  The CA gearboxes are made to be very sturdy in my experience.  I have heavily upgraded several of my Classic Army AEG rifles during my time as an Airsofter with minimal issues dealing with aftermarket upgrade parts compatibility.  In fact, I've used a number of different pistons from various brands and only had an issue with using the Guarder gray piston in a Classic Army M14.  So I used a JBU piston instead, just like the one in the JBU M120 Tune-Up Kit. I was using a 150 spring, so the aluminum piston was warranted. I'd like to tear open the gearbox at some point soon to illustrate just how nice the internals are, but for now, you'll just have to take my filthy word for it.  They are legit.  They're not perfect, as no internals are, but they are quite good.

I plan to chrono this hot lady and post the results for all the world to see.  There's also a disassembly guide on the way as well.

Overall, like I said, this is one of my favorite M4-style AEG rifles.  It's a highly upgradeable platform, both internally and externally, and is built pretty well, with minimal wobble.  My only real cons would be the lack of battery space that is typical of these style AEGs, not just with Classic Army, but with most brands, and the hop-up mechanism (surprise).  The hop-up still has a way to go before I think anyone with any shred of dignity declares it to be respectable, however, it's certainly good enough that you can take this baby out to the field and have a super neato time with it.  I certainly have on a number of occasions.  

If you'd like to check out the purchasing information for this Airsoft rifle on Pyramyd Air's website, you can check it out here:

Classic Army M15A4 Carbine Product Page


Monday, May 24, 2010

Review - TSD/HFC M9X Tac

You know, there are those that feel compensating is a indication of an embarrassing inadequacy. However, in the case of the Airsoft GBB Pistol in this review, that's just not true. This gun compensates simply for the sake of looking good. The gun is not inadequate and has no reason to feel insecure.

In case you weren't sure what the falcon is going on here, let me clear the air.

This is a review of the  

Click on any of the images in the review for a larger, more detailed view. 

Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
Trust me, this gun looks good up close, too.

Brief Overview:
This gun is mostly made of ABS plastic.  This makes it very lightweight, which is going to be ideal for situations where you're carrying a lot of extra stuff that you may or may not need to look "tactical hot."  The lightweight plastic slide also gives the gun a quick, crisp blowback cycle.  I believe the compensator is also made of some type of plastic as well, but it's hard to tell.  My reason for guessing it's plastic is the light weight feel.  It doesn't add any real noticeable weight to the front end of the M9X.

Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

You can see in the two images above most of what we're working with here.  An item to note would the rail system for mounting your favorite, or at least functional, tac light/laser units.  You can also see that the M9X Tac has ambidextrous safeties. 

This picture is mildly redundant.  Just a very slightly different angle than the one to the top right of this pointless sentence. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
In the image above, one might notice the small ring protruding from the base of of the hammer spring housing, directly behind the magazine base.  For you noobs out there, this is for attaching a pistol lanyard, which is a very handy retention tool.  You attach one end of the lanyard to your person, and the other clips on to that loop you see on the gun.  This helps prevent the loss of your pistol in the event you are using a terrible holster during a game. 

View of the chamber, with the mag inserted.  Nothing too exciting. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator

Safety On
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
Safety Off
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

The view from the driver's seat. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

I ALWAYS recommend extra magazines.  

Any of the following three mags will work with the TSD M9X GBB Pistol.

View of the top.  You can see the feed lips for feeding BBs into the gun, as well as the rectangular gas port/air seal that releases gas from the mag into the gas nozzle of the gun. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Here's the back of the magazine.  The brass circle you see is the gas valve, which basically acts as a button for the valve knocker to strike when the trigger is pulled.  When the valve knocker strikes this valve, gas is released from the mag into the gun and propels the BB toward its target.  This piece can be removed by unscrewing it, using a special tool, and then modified or replaced to increase the amount of gas released into the gun.  This will give you a bit of an FPS boost, as I tested out in an earlier blog entry
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
This is the gas fill valve.  Sorry for the blurry pic.  Nobody's perfect. If you couldn't deduce it from the name of the valve, this is where you fill the magazine with green gas/propane.  This also is removable in the event it starts to leak and needs repair/maintenance.
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Below, I suppose, would be the front of the mag.  You can see the loading spring that pushes the BBs into the gun.  BBs are loaded into the mag at the top, where you see the two feed lips. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Would you like to know how to remove the slide and recoil spring guide?  No?  Well I'm going to tell  you anyway.

First, you'll need the actual M9X.  Do ya see the small lever that looks similar to the state of Oklahoma?  It's directly to the right of the rail piece.  That lever needs to be rotated down, 90 degrees.
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, 
Compensator, Pyramyd Air

See the difference?  No?  Remove your head from it's currently dark and unpleasant place and look again. Notice the slide has been released, and has slid forward a bit. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, 
Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Continuing to remove the slide.  See how that works?  Good. I knew you'd catch on.
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, 
Compensator, Pyramyd Air

Here you can see a few things... 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air
Up on the left, you've got the recoil spring and spring guide, while up and to the right, you can see the rectangular port of the loading muzzle where the gas from the magazine enters the gun. 

I realized my failure as soon as I took this next photo.  You have to unscrew the compensator before you take the recoil spring and guide out.  It unscrews from the front of the compensator.  You should probably remove the slide first, then unscrew the compensator in the event you forget to remove the magazine from the gun and accidentally discharge into your face or something.  Don't be an idiot.  That's my job. 
Airsoft, TSD, HFC, M9X, Beretta, Compensator, Pyramyd Air

NOW, push the recoil rod out and then you can remove it, along with the spring.  From there, whether you want to get to the hop up rubber to seal it up with Teflon tape or replace the o-ring on the piston, it's just a matter of removing any screws you see (there aren't that many) until you get to the prize.  Not rocket surgery. 

And in case you didn't bother to watch the video in my gas valve mod entry, here is a brief velocity test using the unmodified, stock valves.

Pretty consistent actually. 

In case you couldn't see the chrono numbers because of my poor and noobish cinematography, here's a recap.


Not very many shots, I know, but you can get an idea what we're working with here.


I would certainly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a solid sidearm.  Consistent, lightweight, and the hop-up is adjustable.  The cycle time is quick and blowback is crisp.  The down side would be that the rail prevents the gun from fitting into molded holsters like the Blackhawk Serpa.  HOWEVER, there's an upside to that downside.  The rail is removable.  Once the rail is removed, the gun fits fine.  FYI.  Another upside is the cross-brand magazine compatibility.  To be honest with you, I have no preference on magazines.  I have both brands and they both work great.  No leaks.  Pretty consistent chrono readings, as you saw.  Thus, I have no complaints.  In fact, I'm quite happy with the the TSD M9X Tac as a whole.  Oh yea, one more thing.  It's a pretty economical option for those on a budget.  I'd say that the cost/benefit ratio is "favorous" (I just made that up) to the buyer.  Pyramyd Air has it listed for $67.50, which I think is very reasonable for this piece.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Airsoft News Fa Sho

If you think a whole month is far too long to wait for your next installment from CQB Radio then you’re in luck, our friend Carp has just launched his first mid-month MiniCast. If you're just too "ignant" to guess, it's a shorter version of his regular, full-length shows with some twists.

Here's an overview of his MiniCast:

- Correspondence: Shout outs to listeners/listener e-mails
- Reviews: Gear and gun reviews
- Update: More info on guns and gear that we’ve reviewed in the past
- Garage Sale: Items you can buy for cheap*

Check out www.cqbradio.com for info on how to listen (iTunes podcast download or online streaming). Carp's also got a YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype account, so check him out there as well.

*Speaking of items you can buy for cheap, have you checked out Pyramyd Air's Pre-Owned Gun Section? NO?!?! Do you like sweet deals on quality Airsoft treats? Thought so.

Check it before you wreck it. Pyramyd Air Pre-Owned Guns

A lot of their stuff is still in super good shape, but the box might be too damaged, or just opened for them to be able to sell the item at the regular retail price. If you ever had a question on any particular used item, you can always just give them a call or send them an email. Check Pyramyd Air for their contact info.

In other news, Echo1 released a teaser pic of their new AR, the ER-16.

Let your eyes feast upon its beauty:

I would.

Then there's this guy:
Aaron E. Daye/Staff Photogapher
"So what?" You might ask.

That picture is comprised out of a bunch of colored Airsoft BBs.  That's what.

Apparently he's (the artist, not the hobo guy in the BB picture) some dude from Florida who has artistic talent using my favorite 6mm plastic spheres.  His name is John O’Hearn and he's a fine arts graduate from the University of Florida. Google him for the article about his fresh-to-def style of art.  Word.

That wraps up my news update for now.  Expect another review to be coming up very shortly.  Love you.


Chrono & ROF Demo

Part I is below.  Scroll down to check it out. 

Well hello there.  Thanks for joining me again.  You might be wondering how exactly this thing does when you plug a battery in and with a loaded mag inserted, start pulling the trigger .

I suppose the best thing to do is check out this video in High Def (much better than Poop Def). I was using Air Venturi .20g BBs and an 11.1V 20C 1200 mAh Li-Po stick battery.

Here's a recap of the data you just saw in the vid.

VFC HK416 CQB Chrono Data
Air Venturi .20g BBs

Avg FPS327.3342.3
STD Dev37.92.0
2344.4 344.4
4344.2 344.2
5337.2 337.2
6343.7 343.7
8343.5 343.5
9340.3 340.3
10345.7 345.7
11343.6 343.6
12341.7 341.7
13342.6 342.6
14341.6 341.6
15343.9 343.9
16340.7 340.7
17341.6 341.6
18340.6 340.6
19343.5 343.5
20340.4 340.4

Do I have an explanation for shots 1, 3 and 7?  No.  It's an AEG.  It's not perfect.  However, this one is pretty darn good!  Column 1 has the complete results and in the summary section, the numbers aren't really super spectaculabulous, but not what I would consider bad, either.  However, in column 2, I decided to let the three outsiders slide and remove them from the data set, just for funsies.  The summary calculations significantly improve (check out the standard deviation of 2!!!).  So on a majority basis, the group of 20 shots is quite impressive.  It would appear that this rifle, right out of the box*, has excellent air compression inside the cylinder and does not appear to suffer from consistent air leaks.

*"Right out of the box" implies that I have performed absolutely no upgrades or tuning mods to the gun, like sealing various points within the gearbox and hop-up with Teflon tape.  Just so we're "clear."  Crystal clear (a la A Few Good Men).  As if there is any other kind.  

I'm not exactly sure, like I said, about the three shots in the 200s, but it's possible the barrel might be a bit too long for the cylinder volume and is creating a bit of "suck-back."  Another theory might be that the piston head o-ring might not have created a perfect seal for those three shots, allowing some air to leak out the back.  These are just guesses.  I am really not even concerned about it.

I realize that guys love to nit-pick on the internet, but all I'm saying is that out of the box, the VFC HK416 CQB is one of the overall best Airsoft AEGs I've seen yet. 


Do I have your attention yet? NO???

*Deep voice* How about thissssss...

I know what you're thinking. Me too.

I'm not going to lie...this is a review of the VFC HK 416 CQB and I'm going to tell you how much I love it therein.

I've got to be honest with you, sweet little reader. I don't get too impressed by many AEGs these days. However, VFC has managed to make my list of winners with this rifle. It's solid and really well built, all the way through.

Let's cut the chit chat, though, and get to the goodies...

I picked this baby up from Pyramyd Air a couple weeks ago and took some time to get to know her (the rifle).  Got the free shipping, and of course, ordered it first thing in the morning to have it shipped out that day.  Word.  You can order your own HK416 here:

VFC HK416 CQB Product Page

Even the box it came it was attractive.  It might be difficult to tell from my horrible cell phone picture, but the box is a nice, rich navy blue color.  Click on any of the images below to see a larger view.  

Are there any words really necessary here?  (No.)

I know I said I love this gun.  But I didn't say it was perfect.

I would have preferred whoever (either VFC or Umarex) put all that mag well writing in white text on a sticker instead of printing it directly on the gun.  It's basically a warning that this gun is not a toy and stuff.  I understand the importance of the message and that the manufacturer/distributor more than likely has some significant legal liabilities that they have to deal with, but I just wish that it was on a removable sticker so that once I read and acknowledged the warning, that I could remove it.  Not a deal breaker from me getting the gun or anything, but just kind of one of those moments where when you first see it, you're like, "Bummer, man."  Just like The Dude said, right Denis? 

Right side of the rail system below.  Notice the peculiar looking bolt near the lower left of the rail.  I haven't taken that thing out yet to see what that does, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with disassembling the gun.  But I could be wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time.  Just ask my wife.

I should tell you that the rifle comes with a little tool in the packaging especially for that weirdy bolt thing, so don't just haphazardly rip open the box when it first arrives at your door-step and ignore any contents that are NOT the rifle itself.  You have been warned.

You might wonder why I'm so concerned with warning you about that special tool.  Well, not that it's ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS, but I did haphazardly rip open the box (to some degree) and ignore the contents at first, which consequently resulted in me losing that special tool.  I only know about it because I read elsewhere online that it exists.  Shut up. 

Left side (strong side?)  Remember the Titans.

The flash hider is 14mm ***EDIT*** Counterclockwise (CCW), not clockwise like I originally said (thanks Sebastien), so you can attach your favorite suppressors or aftermarket flash hiders (I'd make sure it has an orange tip though.  Big brother is always watching).  I'd also like to point out that this rifle TOTALLY has the capability to fix a bayonet to it.  You know. for those intimate times.  I would like to give a shout out to my brother, who loves bayonets (N.H.). 

Here's a shot from beneath the rifle, showing that there are sling attachments on both sides. 

In case you're an idiot and/or weren't paying attention thus far, there's a lot of rail space.  So things like your favorite Dot Sight (Don't you dare put a scope* on this gun), lights, lasers and other tactical treasures will have plenty of room to cohabitate with each other on the VFC HK416 CQB.

*A scope is different from a dot sight.  A scope would look ridiculous on this gun.  And if anyone knows ridiculous, it's going to be me.

Case in point:

That's an Airsoft M14 with a 6-24x56mm Leapers Scope with a 30mm tube, good for distances out to 500+ yards.  Why do I have it mounted to a heavily upgraded rifle that only does about 80-90 yards on a good day?  Because I'm ridiculous.  That's why. 

But I digress. 

Note the adjustable rear sight and the charging handle, which pulls the bolt cover back, exposing the hop-up dial.  The bolt release button is fully functional, as well. 
Front Sight
Rear Sight
I like the way they did the front sight.  In the photo, it looks like I've cut off the top of the circle, BUT IN FACT AND/OR ON THE CONTRARY, VFC did that at the manufacturing plant on purpose.  It just looks tight.  Tight like a fox.  Just my opinion though. 

Notice how nicely the rail system sits in line with the upper receiver. 

Below, right side of the upper & lower.  Check out the indicator on the Fire Selector Knob.  Not a big deal, just a nice example of the attention to detail that went into making this rifle.  Also, the labels for "Safe," "Semi" and "Full Auto" are engraved into the rifle, then filled in with the red and white paint.  Another nice touch. 

There it is.  The hop-up adjustment wheel.  It turns pretty well, doesn't seem too flimsy or loose, and stays in place, even when it's turned up high, placing a lot of backspin on the BBs.  

Below, left-side upper & lower.  Those are licensed H&K trades, dog baby.  Other items to note are the bolt release button overlapping the joint between the upper and lower, as well as the charging handle up at top right.  Both items are fully functional and are used to operate the bolt cover in the image above that allows access to the hop-up dial. 

Inside the mag well, the hop-up chamber is a clear plastic material.  Also visible is the Warranty Seal, that if broken, does something crazy.  It voids the warranty!  I would like to take a moment to address an awesome situation regarding the seal.  It provides the warning in not only English, but also in Deutsch (German, silly).  Why is this a big deal?  Well...it's not.  But German is a very fun language to speak.  I took a class on it once, but retained none of the things I had learned after it was over.  Bummer. 
I digress yet again.  Back to the gun.

Here is something you don't see everyday on a stock rifle.

VFC has taken the liberty of stipling the grip, to give it a nice textured feel and providing extra traction for your hand (twss). 

The manufacturer was also kind enough to allow the user access to the motor height adjustment set screw.  You'll need a very tiny Allen/hex wrench, likely in metric size to insert into the hole in the center, below.  Turning the screw to the right will raise the motor further into the gearbox, and turning the screw to the left will lower it further from the gearbox.  This technique takes some experience, because it involves the ability to audibly assess whether your motor's pinion gear is properly meshing with the bevel gear of the gearbox.  This is a whole other topic for another time, but that's what that set screw is for. 

Accessing the battery space in the crane stock.

In the center space, aka the buffer tube, you can just start to see the wiring for the battery.

The High-Capacity, 320 Round Magazine

The mag is pretty solid and of course, made of metal.  It has a nice, fairly high black gloss finish to it, not to mention the licensed HK trades, you see above.  

Here is where I start to ask the question, "What in the world?!"

Photo 1

Photo 2
In photo 1, note the rubber circle plug in the base of the magazine.  In photo 2, I have removed the rubber plug and placed it on the base plate.  Below, I have removed the base plate by sliding it up, then pulling it out. 
Removing this plate reveals the winding wheel for the magazine.  Bear in mind, this is a wheel that you will undoubtedly need to access during the middle of your game, to rewind when your BBs stop feeding.  Winding the wheel until it makes that tell-tale clicking sound will not feed the entire mag of BBs into your rifle.  So I'm not sure why the manufacturer made it so difficult to access quickly.  And don't even bother trying to remove that rubber plug with gloves on.  You'll need to remove them to use your fingernail.  Unless you use fingerless gloves.

My solution is to simply leave the plate off when I play.  It's not like anyone's really going to see the bottom of your mag anyway, nor would most people notice that the plate is missing. 

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that this rifle comes with a little wrench for winding the mag.  It is SUBSTANTIALLY quicker than having to manually wind the mag.  You'll notice the little hole in the side of the mag, seen pictured above.  That is where you insert the winding wrench.  

Here is the top of the mag.  As you can, it bears a striking resemblance to many of the other M4 Airsoft magazines on the market.  In fact, the resemblance is so striking, it's pretty much going to be compatible with most Classic Army/Echo1/Tokyo Marui-type M4-style AEGs.


Magazine base plate has to be removed in order to wind the mag
Huge product warning/legal trademark legal disclaimer printed on lower
Battery space is limited


Solid body, well built
Rail System
Very upgradeable
Magazines are cross-platform compatible (can be used with other guns & vice versa)
Comes with a limited warranty, provided you don't "break the seal" 
Licensed H&K trades


The VFC HK416 CQB rocks my heart and mind.  In case you don't feel like scrolling way up to the top to check out the product page, I've included it here for your convenience.

Part II with chrono and performance results will be forthcoming shortly.  Grab a snickers.