Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Assault Gun - M4 Options

My better judgment is telling me that I should probably cover the most common weapon-type seen out on the Airsoft field and show you a couple options that might perhaps, broaden your horizons a smidge.  I'm talking about the basic assault rifle.  It's easily argued that the most common assault weapon seen out on any given field is going to be the M15A4 Carbine, commonly referred to as the M4. 

Personally, whether I want to roll the M4 or something a little less common just depends on my mood.  Please make no mistake, I love M4s.  They are probably some of the most customizable guns on the market, since there are seemingly endless amounts of aftermarket upgrades and enhancements, both internally and externally available.

If you wanted to know my two favorite standard M4s at the moment, it'd be these two:

Full metal bodies, decent hop-ups, excellent versatility for longer-range outdoor games as well as CQB platforms.  Oh yea, like I said, tons of customizable options available.  What's not to like?

Well, maybe if you're on a pretty tight budget, the price tag might be a bit high for you.  The good news, I have a solution for you (you're welcome).  If you're willing to for-go the metal bodies for some very sturdy ABS plastic ones, there are some great options available to you as well. 

How about these, for example:
The ICS S&W M&P15
with licensed S&W trades

The SRC TSD SR4A1 AEG is a great M4 option if you like to run larger batteries that may not fit in M4s with retractable stocks.

Now, if you're looking for something extremely well made and a bit different than the standard M4, then feast your peepers on this sweet thing:
Like just about all guns from VFC, this is really well done. Stay tuned for a full-length review on it that's in the works.

These are just a small taste of the different M4s that Pyramyd Air has to offer.  You can check out their full line of AEGs here: Airsoft AEGs

I don't know too many people that don't like to upgrade their rifles.  Therefore, Pyramyd has a few options for you to beef up your performance.  I also know that they are in the process of adding a ton of new items.  I'll keep you all posted here on the blog as they add new treats to their catalog.

Currently, if your AEG is shooting a bit low and you'd like to up the velocity to about 400 fps or so with a .20g BB, then check out the JBU M120 Tune-UP/Upgrade Kit

Don't forget to snag a tightbore barrel to help your BBs find their target a bit easier. Inner barrels with smaller inner diameters like the JBU 6.03mm Inner Barrel will also give you a slight boost in your FPS as well. So keep that in mind if your AEG is already shooting right at the velocity limit for your field. Adding a tightbore barrel may push you over the threshold and disqualify your rifle for use, depending on how strict your field's rules are. Just an FYI. Don't get mad at me. I'm just the messenger here. Toot.

Here's the barrel I just mentioned. Remember to always keep it clean. It helps to prevent jams and accuracy issues that may occur from dust, dirt, & debris inside the barrel.

Since this is Airsoft we're dealing with, over time, you can expect stuff inside your guns to break or wear out.  One item that likes to do this every couple months or so, depending on how much you play, is the motor.  In the event your AEG motor takes a dump, have no fear.  Pick up the highly-reputable Tokyo Marui EG700 Long-Type Motor (just about all M4s & M16s take the long-type motors), install it, which is relatively easy to do, and chalk one up in your win column.  Threat neutralized.  Once again, you're very welcome.  Here's the motor.

That's all for now.


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