So first, the news: Pyramyd Air is now carrying the VFC PDW AEG.

Airsoft PDW AEG, VFC, KAC, Knight's Armament Co.

This gun, of course, is a replica of the real steel Personal Defense Weapon manufactured by one of my favorite weapons manufacturing companies, Knight's Armament Co. 

If you spend as much time browsing around the Airsoft interwebz, you'll notice that there are a large number of companies producing their own version of the PDW.  However, I'd have to say that the VFC model is probably going to be the best option in the AEG realm.  They also make the PDWs in the GBB department as well, but for the purposes of this blog entry, we'll be sticking to the AEG.

Here's why:

Check out the lack of battery space on the gun.  There's obviously no way you're getting one to fit inside the folding stock, and it's not likely you'll find too many good battery options to squeeze inside the rail system up front.  So what do you do?  How do you power the gun if you can't fit a battery inside of it anywhere? When in doubt, I always panic. 

However, thanks to me telling you the solution here, that won't be necessary.

Use an AN/PEQ battery box that attaches to the rail system.  It's a box designed for Airsoft guns to look like the popular Insight Technologies Laser Aiming & Illumination Devices, however, it's hollow inside to allow you to fit a number of different battery options inside.  All the while, looking tactical hot.  Another option is to use a battery bag, which essentially performs the same task as the fake PEQ box, but it doesn't look nearly as cool. 

If you have a larger battery to deal with, then get an AN/PEQ-2 replica box,

which can fit bigger batteries like a large-type 10.8V NiMH battery or an 11.1V 2200 mAh Li-Po battery, for example.  I know this, because I use one on my M249 Para.  

If you don't need such a large box, there are a number of smaller Airsoft versions out there, like this one from King Arms:

This option might be best for use with the VFC PDW because of the limited rail space on the gun. 

Additionally, if you can also get functional AN/PEQ boxes as well.  If you need an IR laser and illuminator combo for use along with your night vision optics, the PEQ-2 box is probably going to be one of your best bets.  The PEQ-15 style is designed for day operations.  Prepare to drop some serious coin for the real Insight models, unless you can find an Airsoft knock-off, which I believe to be in existence.  I'm just too lazy to Google everything for you.   

The Faux-PEQ boxes are also useful for M4 users who want to use a bigger battery with their LE-type/Magpul CTR/etc adjustable stocks.  Keep in mind, you will need a picatinny rail on your gun to mount your PEQ box to. 

So if you were on the fence about picking up one of the new VFC PDWs from Pyramyd Air because you were concerned about battery limitations, I have now solved your problem.  You are most welcome.


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