Chrono & ROF Demo

Part I is below.  Scroll down to check it out. 

Well hello there.  Thanks for joining me again.  You might be wondering how exactly this thing does when you plug a battery in and with a loaded mag inserted, start pulling the trigger .

I suppose the best thing to do is check out this video in High Def (much better than Poop Def). I was using Air Venturi .20g BBs and an 11.1V 20C 1200 mAh Li-Po stick battery.

Here's a recap of the data you just saw in the vid.

VFC HK416 CQB Chrono Data
Air Venturi .20g BBs

Avg FPS327.3342.3
STD Dev37.92.0
2344.4 344.4
4344.2 344.2
5337.2 337.2
6343.7 343.7
8343.5 343.5
9340.3 340.3
10345.7 345.7
11343.6 343.6
12341.7 341.7
13342.6 342.6
14341.6 341.6
15343.9 343.9
16340.7 340.7
17341.6 341.6
18340.6 340.6
19343.5 343.5
20340.4 340.4

Do I have an explanation for shots 1, 3 and 7?  No.  It's an AEG.  It's not perfect.  However, this one is pretty darn good!  Column 1 has the complete results and in the summary section, the numbers aren't really super spectaculabulous, but not what I would consider bad, either.  However, in column 2, I decided to let the three outsiders slide and remove them from the data set, just for funsies.  The summary calculations significantly improve (check out the standard deviation of 2!!!).  So on a majority basis, the group of 20 shots is quite impressive.  It would appear that this rifle, right out of the box*, has excellent air compression inside the cylinder and does not appear to suffer from consistent air leaks.

*"Right out of the box" implies that I have performed absolutely no upgrades or tuning mods to the gun, like sealing various points within the gearbox and hop-up with Teflon tape.  Just so we're "clear."  Crystal clear (a la A Few Good Men).  As if there is any other kind.  

I'm not exactly sure, like I said, about the three shots in the 200s, but it's possible the barrel might be a bit too long for the cylinder volume and is creating a bit of "suck-back."  Another theory might be that the piston head o-ring might not have created a perfect seal for those three shots, allowing some air to leak out the back.  These are just guesses.  I am really not even concerned about it.

I realize that guys love to nit-pick on the internet, but all I'm saying is that out of the box, the VFC HK416 CQB is one of the overall best Airsoft AEGs I've seen yet. 


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