So I decided to sift through a good portion of the recent Airsoft news to highlight a few items I was more interested to read about than some of the other trivial garbage that is out there.  

First off, it would seem that Cybergun has decided to stand up and bang with the heavyweights.  According to several reports, the infamous/notorious trademark licensing entity has decided to add high-end AEG/GBBR-maker, Inokatsu to its camp of officially-licensed goodies.  THEN, as if to subsequently say, "Hey Everyone, come look how good I look!" they went ahead and immediately dropped what one can only imagine to be some serious greenery (dolla bill$, y'all) to acquire the California-based Airsoft importation giant, Spartan Imports.  It's usually a good indicator that you're pretty new to the Airsoft scene if you aren't familiar with Spartan Imports to one degree or another.  They probably supply your favorite Airsoft dealer (e.g. Pyramyd Air) with many high quality Airsoft guns, perhaps most notably, Classic Army and KWA among many other high-quality brands.

Speaking of KWA, a little 6mm gossip birdie let slip that Pyramyd Air will be stocking a pretty good-size selection of KWA Airsoft guns in the very near future.  So keep your eye(s) out for more on that.  Rest assured I'll update you as I receive more intel. 

For those of you that have been super sweet enough to be reading the Pyramyd Airsoft blog for the last few months, you may recall the Cybergun-licensed, KJW Sig Sauer P226 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol that I reviewed/oggled over.  If you are like me and are plagued by selective memory or if you've recently joined me here on the Pyramyd Airsoft blog for quest to Airsoft enlightenment, here's the link to the Cybergun/KJW Sig Sauer P226 review I did several weeks ago:

Review-KJW SIG SAUER P226 GBB, Licensed by Cybergun

I've actually got a couple more reviews of Cybergun-licensed Airsoft guns that I'm looking forward to showing you.  I have been pleasantly surprised by what I've seen thus far from them.

So long story short, these latest two developments from Cybergun have people like me saying, "hmmm, this could be cool and/or at least interesting to see how the situation pans out," while others remain leery of what this might mean for our Airsoft piggy banks, due to Cybergun's less-than-stellar reputation of charging a bit more for their products than many of the Airsoft bargain hunters care to pay.  Oh, and then there's that whole trademark-infringement-lawsuit-rampage they went on awhile back that left many in the industry with an unpleasant taste in their Airsoft mouths.  God forbid that people want to be paid for all the hard work and money spent developing a quality brand of products, regardless of the industry they might cater to.  But that's all the opinion you'll get out of me for now.  I generally prefer to take a conflict avoidance approach to life, so you won't catch me making many bold statements very often. 

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