I wanted to do some filming today of the VFC HK416 CQB's performance at distance. Showing off the gun's performance at the chrono station is all fine and dandy, but it's like showing off what a $100,000 drag racer can do by revving its engine really loudly while it's parked in the garage. Not exactly a true performance demo.

I spent about a good chunk of time (3 to 4 hours) planning, preparing, gathering gear, etc., etc. and then had to find the spot (twss) I wanted to film at where I knew I wouldn't be bothered by things like other people and stuff. Then I spent maybe 30-45 minutes setting up once out on location. Once I had everything ready to go, I pulled the VFC HK416 out of its case and went to sight it in on the target I had set up. The only problem was that the wind was blowing pretty hard and was constantly shifting directions. I immediately assessed this to be an issue, but I continued firing to see if I could make something happen. Well...I couldn't. I just couldn't, I tell you.  After all that prep work, I was NOT able to perform my test.  Lame.  The wind was a definite issue, but I was also using the clear, .27g Bioval BBs, which can be very difficult to see at times and this was one of those times. I MAY also need a new prescription for my glasses, to add a third variable to the mix.  So, "Fudge," I said.  I probably took 40 shots or so with the HK416 and maybe got 15 hits on the target (30% or so).  Since I couldn't see the BBs, I had no real reference as to how for left or right, up or down that they were flying past the target.  I probably should have started at a shorter distance than 68 yds, but I love going big (twss).  I DO need to point out that at 360 FPS, I was able to obtain hits at almost 70 yards (68 yds/204 feet) with the HK416.  I truly believe that in better conditions, I can improve upon the results I got today. 

The second half of the story is that I've been working on an M14 DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) project sort of concurrently with the VFC HK416 CQB project.  I just finished going through the M14 and re-doing many of the mods I had done the first time around because they were stupid ideas that I had come up with and did not work.  I have finally learned that you really do need to try and keep it simple with these projects.  Only upgrade or modify what you KNOW needs to be upgraded or modified.  Do NOT get creative.

So anyway, the M14 was now chrono-ing on par was the VFC HK416's consistency level and needed to be tested for accuracy as well.  So I pull that out and, at the same distance of 68 yards, began drilling the target, one right after the other.  These are the marks you'll see on the target in the video.  I have heavily upgraded and reinforced the M14 to shoot at 480 FPS VERY consistently.  While I had much better results with the M14, windage was still very much an obstacle to optimal testing conditions.  Not only did my brief test with the HK416 give me the warm and fuzzies about its performance potential, my M14 could quite possibly by my finest work to date and just might allow me to gain entry into the 90-100 yard territory.  I DON'T KNOW THAT FOR SURE, but at 70 yards, the .27g BBs wasted NO time in arriving at that target when fired from the M14, whereas the travel time for the same BBs fired via the HK416 took at least 1.5 seconds or so before you could here them hit the cardboard.  So 70 yards is going to be pretty close to the maximum effective range for my CQB project (which, at 360 FPS, is totally fine by me), however, I think we've got plenty of room for growth left in the M14's department.

Assuming I can get out of bed early enough next weekend, I'm going to try this again in the morning before the wind has a chance to get fired up like it did today.  Hopefully, the changing the time of day to the morning, instead of 2pm when it's 96 degrees out, will do the trick and I'll be able do the test in reasonable conditions.   

Ok.  That's it.


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