Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Airsoft Con 2010 or whatever.

Does anybody think this Airsoft Con 2010 thing going down at the West Virginia Penitentiary is going to be any fun or not?  It kinda looks fun to me.  But some people say that I have a weird sense of what is fun or not.  I usually tell those people to go piss up a rope though.  That's actually a lie.  I'm a conflict-avoider and therefore I would never tell anyone that in the event that they might stand up to me. 

So apparently they're gonna have an event in that building. Decorated soldier, Mad Max Mullen, of John Lu/Best of USA's OP: Lion Claws Event Series fame will be one of the keynote speakers, discussing the future of Airsoft/Mil-Sim and other things. If you're lucky, he may take his shirt off, for those of you that are into that sort of thing.

There are some classes & training courses on the schedule and a bunch of sponsors will have their booths set up.  What I did not realize, was that they are having two separate Mil-Sim events/Airsoft games inside of this sweet looking facility as well.  Depending on how much you fork out for your reg fee for the event, you can play in either none, one, or both of the events.  There's a 200-player cap on the main event and there's a special 100-player cap on the other one.  They're making that one sound like it's special.  Intriguing.  To be honest with if you, if I were in that area of the United States of America, I'd probably make a very honest attempt to attend.  An Airsoft convention that includes TWO separate games in one weekend!?  Shoot (literally).

Google Airsoft Con 2010 for their website.  I'm too lazy to input the HTML code at this point.  I had a long day of auditing a water agency, where I had to learn about the finer points of how you (my favorite reader) get water to come through your faucet, and also how that water is made to be drinkable.  Let me tell you something: pumping water is expensive, lame, and boring.

Airsoft is another way of saying, "awesome."

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