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Don't fill these mags up till they're full and then leave them in your car.  While I didn't have any explode, I did have a number of these magazines expand just enough so that they no longer drop out of the pistol once I hit the mag release button.  Some of them were so bad that that I had to pry them out of the gun with a little screwdriver.  I couldn't just pull them out using my fingers.  So I ended up having to grind down the sides of the mag with my Dremel where I could see substantial wear and tear.  I didn't have to grind too much, so I'm pretty sure I didn't make the situation worse.  Especially considering that I did this several weeks ago and the mags are still sliding in and out of the gun with ease, allowing me to continue changing mags relatively quickly.

This situation should not deter you from using a single-stack 1911, like the WE series.  They are great mags for great guns.  It's just a heads up to remove most, if not all, the gas from the mag when traveling and those travels include a change in elevation of several thousand feet or more.  Also, don't leave them in your car or elsewhere that is hot.  I don't know if the change in elevation was the cause for me or if it was having them in my trunk for a day or two, but my guess was probably the heat.  Anyway, just thought I'd try and save you a bit of grief in having to deal with your Airsoft 1911 gas magazine getting stuck in the gun. 

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