Hello, gang. I'm having a better day than yesterday. I had planned on including part I and part II of my WE M14 GBB unboxing party in one blog, but could only get my internet to cooperate for one upload. These files are high resolution and therefore fairly large sizes which make uploading a time consuming process requiring a stable internet connection. I apparently didn't have that yesterday and thus, you had to wait for part II until now...

Highlights include:
Continuing to load the mag the wrong way
Forgetting where I put my speed loader on camera
Oh yeah, firing the M14 on full auto and subsequently needing a change of attire (the M14 GBB is so good, it's embarrassing).

Coming up, I've got some takedown videos where I give u a bit of a tour inside the gun. I locate the hop up in an effort to adjust it as well as identify whether or not there is upgrade potential there. You'll have to stay tuned to find out. So far, I am very pleased and impressed by the engenuity of WE and their ability to make a beast of a rifle.

M14 GBB (which is how I say Airsoft these days)

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